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Manuel Fernandez Sanchez

Profesor Asociado
Área de conocimiento: Obstetricia y Ginecología
Departamento: Cirugía
Grupo: Sin Grupo
Prog. doctorado: Prog.Doct.en Biología Molecular, Biomedicina e Investigac.Clínica (RD.2011)
Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024 Sequential-contingent strategy for fallopian tube evaluation using hysterosalpingo foam sonography: a cost analysis QUANTITATIVE IMAGING IN MEDICINE AND SURGERY
Artículo2023 Female infertility is associated with an altered expression profile of different members of the tachykinin family in human granulosa cells REPRODUCTIVE SCIENCES
Artículo2023 Incidence and severity of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) in high responders after gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist trigger in "freeze-all" approach GYNECOLOGICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY
Artículo2023 Live birth rates following individualized dosing algorithm of follitropin delta in a long GnRH agonist protocol REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY AND ENDOCRINOLOGY
Nota2023 PGT-HLA programmes for the cure of a sick sibling: clinical strategies for this challenging search REPRODUCTIVE BIOMEDICINE ONLINE
Artículo2022 A randomized, controlled, first-in-patient trial of choriogonadotropin beta added to follitropin delta in women undergoing ovarian stimulation in a long GnRH agonist protocol HUMAN REPRODUCTION
Artículo2022 Effect of sperm selection by magnetic-activated cell sorting in D-IUI: a randomized control trial Cells
Nota2022 Hysterosalpingography is obsolete: hysterosalpingo-contrast foam sonography should be the alternative REPRODUCTIVE BIOMEDICINE ONLINE
Artículo2021 Diagnostic accuracy study comparing hysterosalpingo-foam sonography and hysterosalpingography for fallopian tube patency assessment JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE
Artículo2021 How often should ring pessaries be removed or changed in women with advanced POP? A prospective observational study INTERNATIONAL UROGYNECOLOGY JOURNAL
Artículo2020 A 5-year multicentre randomized controlled trial comparing personalized, frozen and fresh blastocyst transfer in IVF REPRODUCTIVE BIOMEDICINE ONLINE
Artículo2020 Effect of Group Embryo Culture under Low-Oxygen Tension in Benchtop Incubators on Human Embryo Culture: Prospective, Randomized, Controlled Trial REPRODUCTIVE SCIENCES
Artículo2020 Female infertility is associated with an altered expression of the neurokinin B/neurokinin B receptor and kisspeptin/kisspeptin receptor systems in ovarian granulosa and cumulus cells FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Artículo2020 Is it safe and effective to maintain the vaginal pessary without removing it for 2 consecutive years? INTERNATIONAL UROGYNECOLOGY JOURNAL
Artículo2020 Sam68 mediates leptin signaling and action in human granulosa cells: possible role in leptin resistance in PCOS ENDOCRINE CONNECTIONS
Revisión2020 Tachykinins and kisspeptins in the regulation of human male fertility JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE
Artículo2019 Altered expression of the kisspeptin/KISS1R and neurokinin B/NK3R systems in mural granulosa and cumulus cells of patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome JOURNAL OF ASSISTED REPRODUCTION AND GENETICS
Artículo2019 Deregulation of miR-324/KISS1/kisspeptin in early ectopic pregnancy: mechanistic findings with clinical and diagnostic implications AMERICAN JOURNAL OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY
Artículo2019 Individualization of the starting dose of follitropin delta reduces the overall OHSS risk and/or the need for additional preventive interventions: cumulative data over three stimulation cycles REPRODUCTIVE BIOMEDICINE ONLINE
Artículo2018 Different endometrial receptivity in each hemiuterus of a woman with uterus didelphys and previous failed embryo transfers Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences
Artículo2018 Effect of dietary supplementation with a highly pure and concentrated docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) supplement on human sperm function REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY
Revisión2018 Leptin action in normal and pathological pregnancies JOURNAL OF CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE
Artículo2018 Veratridine-sensitive Na+ channels regulate human sperm fertilization capacity LIFE SCIENCES
Artículo2017 Ferroportin mRNA is down-regulated in granulosa and cervical cells from infertile women FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Ponencia2017 Improved ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) risk management by individualised dosing of follitropin delta based on serum anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) and body weight HUMAN REPRODUCTION
Ponencia2017 Polymorphic chromosome variants, human inversions, and their functional consequences in male infertility HUMAN REPRODUCTION
Ponencia2017 Polymorphism on chromosome 21 does not affect ovarian reserve but clinical outcomes after in vitro fertilization treatments HUMAN REPRODUCTION
Artículo2016 Expression of Tachykinins and Tachykinin Receptors and Interaction with Kisspeptin in Human Granulosa and Cumulus Cells BIOLOGY OF REPRODUCTION
Artículo2016 Increased Expression of Aquaporin 9 in Trophoblast From Gestational Diabetic Patients HORMONE AND METABOLIC RESEARCH
Artículo2016 Insulin and Leptin Signaling in Placenta from Gestational Diabetic Subjects HORMONE AND METABOLIC RESEARCH
Artículo2015 Elective single versus double embryo transfer: live birth outcome and patient acceptance in a prospective randomised trial REPRODUCTION FERTILITY AND DEVELOPMENT
Artículo2015 Follicular and endocrine dose responses according to anti-Mullerian hormone levels in IVF patients treated with a novel human recombinant FSH (FE 999049) CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY
Artículo2015 Monozygotic twinning after assisted reproductive technologies: a case report of asymmetric development and incidence during 19 years in an international group of in vitro fertilization clinics FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Artículo2014 Expression of neurokinin B/NK3 receptor and kisspeptin/KISS1 receptor in human granulosa cells HUMAN REPRODUCTION
Artículo2014 Influence of follicle rupture and uterine contractions on intrauterine insemination outcome: a new predictive model FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Artículo2014 Ovarian response to recombinant human follicle-stimulating hormone: a randomized, antimullerian hormone-stratified, dose-response trial in women undergoing in vitro fertilization/intracytoplasmic sperm injection FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Ponencia2014 Relation between dose of FE 999049, a recombinant FSH derived from a human cell-line, used for controlled ovarian stimulation and number of oocytes, embryos and blastocysts HUMAN REPRODUCTION
Ponencia2013 A randomised, assessor-blind, dose-response trial in patients undergoing COS for IVF/ICSI with a novel recombinant FSH (FE 999049) derived from a human cell line HUMAN REPRODUCTION
Artículo2013 Comparative study of different stimulation protocols efficacy in oocyte donors' cycles Revista Iberoamericana de Fertilidad y Reproducción Humana
Artículo2013 Impact of assisted reproduction treatments on Spanish newborns: report of 14,119 pregnancies JOURNAL OF ASSISTED REPRODUCTION AND GENETICS
Artículo2013 The endometrial receptivity array for diagnosis and personalized embryo transfer as a treatment for patients with repeated implantation failure FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Artículo2013 The Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Na(v)1.8 Is Expressed in Human Sperm PLOS ONE
Artículo2012 A comparison of live birth rates and cumulative ongoing pregnancy rates between Europe and North America after ovarian stimulation with corifollitropin alfa or recombinant follicle-stimulating hormone FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Artículo2012 Characterization of the kisspeptin system in human spermatozoa INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ANDROLOGY
Ponencia2012 Localization of human sperm lipid rafts during acrosome reaction HUMAN REPRODUCTION
Revisión2011 Corifollitropin alfa: A new recombinant FSH gonadotropin analog Expert Review of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Artículo2011 Pregnancy results from assisted reproductive treatments in Spain. Year 2009 Revista Iberoamericana de Fertilidad y Reproducción Humana
Ponencia2011 The role of oocyte vitrification in aged patients and lower responders HUMAN REPRODUCTION
Artículo2010 Autocrine regulation of human sperm motility by tachykinins REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY AND ENDOCRINOLOGY
Editorial2010 Can we predict a normal response to ovarian stimulation: A challenge to our means Revista Iberoamericana de Fertilidad y Reproducción Humana
Artículo2010 Could the addition of hp-hMG and GnRH antagonists modulate the response in IVF-ICSI cycles? HUMAN FERTILITY
Ponencia2010 Efficacy and efficiency of rFSH vs uFSH vs hMG: a randomized trial in 552 egg donors HUMAN REPRODUCTION
Ponencia2010 Improved human embryo quality in days 3 and 5 with a low oxygen closed culture system HUMAN REPRODUCTION
Ponencia2010 Potential benefits of PGS in recurrent implantation failure: a prospective controlled trial in a properly characterized population HUMAN REPRODUCTION
Artículo2010 The non-ergot derived dopamine agonist quinagolide in prevention of early ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in IVF patients: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial(dagger) HUMAN REPRODUCTION
Artículo2009 An in vivo culture system for human embryos using an encapsulation technology: a pilot study HUMAN REPRODUCTION
Artículo2009 Molecular and functional characterization of voltage-gated sodium channels in human sperm REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY AND ENDOCRINOLOGY
Revisión2008 Clinical factors affecting endometrial receptiveness in oocyte donation cycles FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Artículo2007 A role for tachykinins in the regulation of human sperm motility HUMAN REPRODUCTION
Ponencia2007 Body weight variations in assisted reproduction therapies stimulated with gonadotrophins: a prospective study HUMAN REPRODUCTION
Ponencia2007 Comparison between two protocols of controled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH) in oocyte donors: rFSH + rLH vs. rFSH + HMG: A prospective, randomized study. FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Artículo2007 Dopamine agonist cabergoline reduces hemoconcentration and ascites in hyperstimulated women undergoing assisted reproduction JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM
Ponencia2007 Gene expression of IGF-1 receptor in human luteinized granulosa cumulus cells from non obese and non insulin resistant women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) with and without metformin treatment. FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Ponencia2007 Impact of the peripheric granular area of the human oocyte on embryo quality after ICSI: A prospective study. FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Ponencia2007 Implantation is not affected in women receiving Cabergoline (Cb2) to prevent ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) in high-risk ART patients HUMAN REPRODUCTION
Ponencia2007 Live birth results in optimal and suboptimal embryo quality transfers in native and donor eggs cycles FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Ponencia2007 Luteal phase support in IVF patients at low risk for OHSS: Progesterone vs. progesterone plus HCG. A prospective randomized study FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Ponencia2007 Pronuclear morphology as a predictor for human embryo transfer selection on day 3 of culture: A prospective study. FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Ponencia2007 Prospective randomized study to compare frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycles outcome in women with functioning ovaries and HRT for endometrium preparation with or without prior GnRHa suppression. FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Ponencia2007 Prospective randomized study to compare use of daily vs. depot GnRH analogue in endometrial preparation for oocyte donations cycles in recipients. FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Ponencia2006 A randomized prospective study of assisted hatching and lysed cell removal in thanved human embryos. FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Ponencia2006 Assisted hatching and lysed cell removal in thawed human embryos: A randomized prospective study HUMAN REPRODUCTION
Ponencia2006 Chromosomal abnormalities and multinucleation on day 2 and day 3 human embryos. FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Ponencia2006 Does preimplantarory genetical screening (PGS) improve the implantation and pregnancy rates in patients older than 38 years? FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Corrección2006 Erratum: Evaluation of the effectiveness and clinical security of Menopur® in the ovarian stimulation in IVF-ICSI (Revista Iberoamericana de Fertilidad y Reproduccion Humana) Revista Iberoamericana de Fertilidad y Reproducción Humana
Artículo2006 Evaluation of the effectiveness and clinical security of Menopur® in the ovarian stimulation in IVF-ICSI Revista Iberoamericana de Fertilidad y Reproducción Humana
Revisión2006 Implantation in IVF INTERNATIONAL SURGERY
Ponencia2006 Implementation of an oocyte pick up management program load. FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Revisión2006 Interactions of the hormones leptin, ghrelin, adiponectin, resistin, and PYY3-36 with the reproductive system FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Ponencia2006 Intramuscular (IM) vs subcutaneous (SC) human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) administration to trigger LH peak in controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) cycles for IVF. FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Ponencia2006 Predictive value of serum progesterone levels on the day of human chorionic gonadotropin administration in the IVF outcome. FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Ponencia2006 Relation between cells number on third day of embryonary development and chromosome anomalies in patients with recurrent miscarriage or implantation failure. FERTILITY AND STERILITY
Ponencia2006 The dopamine agonist cabergoline prevents moderate-severe early ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) in high-risk ART patients HUMAN REPRODUCTION
Revisión2002 Insulin resistance in dermatology Medicina Cutanea Ibero-Latino-Americana

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14/12/2007 30/01/2011 Investigador/a Nuevas familias monoparentales: madres solas por elección (INVM PR105-07) Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales (Nacional)

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