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Juan Luis Pérez Bernal

Profesor Contratado Doctor
Área de conocimiento: Química Analítica
Departamento: Química Analítica
Prog. doctorado: Programa de Doctorado en Química (RD. 99/2011)
Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023 Solid supports and supported liquid membranes for different liquid phase microextraction and electromembrane extraction configurations. A review. JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A
Artículo2021 Effect of Aliquat®336 on supported liquid membrane on electromembrane extraction of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs MICROCHEMICAL JOURNAL
Artículo2021 Native Chilean berries preservation and in vitro studies of a polyphenol highly antioxidant extract from maqui as a potential agent against inflammatory diseases ANTIOXIDANTS
Artículo2021 Urine and saliva biomonitoring by HF-LPME-LC/MS to assess dinitrophenols exposure MICROCHEMICAL JOURNAL
Artículo2019 Excitation-emission fluorescence as a tool to assess the presence of grape-must caramel in PDO wine vinegars FOOD CHEMISTRY
Artículo2017 The smartphone as an economical and reliable tool for monitoring the browning process in sparkling wine Computers and Electronics in Agriculture
Artículo2014 A novel approach for electromembrane extraction based on the use of silver nanometallic-decorated hollow fibers ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2012 Application of three phase hollow fiber based liquid phase microextraction (HF-LPME) for the simultaneous HPLC determination of phenol substituting compounds (alkyl-, chloro- and nitrophenols) TALANTA
Artículo2011 Trace-metal distribution of cigarette ashes as marker of tobacco brands Forensic Science International
Artículo2010 Application of enzymatic probe sonication extraction for the determination of selected veterinary antibiotics and their main metabolites in fish and mussel samples ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2009 Evolution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heavy metals in sludge samples from conventional activated sludge wastewater treatment plants ENVIRONMETRICS
Artículo2009 HPLC determination of ibuprofen, diclofenac and salicylic acid using hollow fiber-based liquid phase microextraction (HF-LPME) ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2006 Mechanical properties of masonry repair dolomitic lime-based mortars CEMENT AND CONCRETE RESEARCH
Artículo2005 Lime-pastes with different kneading water: Pore structure and capillary porosity APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE
Artículo2005 Mineral content and botanical origin of Spanish honeys TALANTA
Libro2004 Dióxido de azufre, química atmosférica y destrucción del patrimonio Dióxido de azufre, química atmosférica y destrucción del patrimonio
Artículo2004 Kaolin fractal dimension. Comparison with other properties Clay Minerals
Artículo2004 Mechanical properties of natural hydraulic lime-based mortars CEMENT AND CONCRETE RESEARCH
Artículo2003 Modeling sulfur dioxide deposition on calcium carbonate INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH
Artículo2001 Fractal geometry and mercury porosimetry - Comparison and application of proposed models on building stones APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE
Artículo2000 Fractal dimension of stone pore surface as weathering descriptor APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE
Artículo1999 Determination of paracetamol in dosage forms by non-suppressed ion chromatography TALANTA
Artículo1996 Estudio de la especiación de metales pesados en la materia particulada atmosférica de la ciudad de Sevilla Tecno Ambiente
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