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Agustin Cota Reguero

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2022 GESUS, an interactive computer application for teaching and learning the space groups of symmetry EDUCATION SCIENCES
Artículo2021 By-products revaluation in the production of design micaceous materials APPLIED CLAY SCIENCE
Artículo2021 Zirconium retention for minimizing environmental risk: role of counterion and clay mineral CHEMOSPHERE
Artículo2020 Novel procedure for laboratory scale production of composite functional filaments for additive manufacturing Materials Today Communications
Artículo2019 Bionanocomposites based on chitosan intercalation in designed swelling high-charged micas SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
Artículo2019 Influence of framework and interlayer on the colloidal stability of design swelling high-charged micas COLLOIDS AND SURFACES A-PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING ASPECTS
Artículo2018 A comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the synthesis of advanced adsorbent materials JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION
Artículo2018 Cesium adsorption isotherm on swelling high-charged micas from aqueous solutions: Effect of temperature AMERICAN MINERALOGIST
Artículo2018 Heteroatom framework distribution and layer charge of sodium Taeniolite APPLIED CLAY SCIENCE
Artículo2017 Cs+ immobilization by designed micaceous adsorbent under subcritical conditions APPLIED CLAY SCIENCE
Artículo2017 Effect of the crystal chemistry on the hydration mechanism of swelling micas GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA
Artículo2017 New insights into surface-functionalized swelling high charged micas: their adsorption performance for non-ionic organic pollutants JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL AND ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY
Artículo2016 Influence of temperature and time on the Eu3+ reaction with synthetic Na-Mica-n (n=2 and 4) CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL
Artículo2015 Impact of hydrothermal treatment of FEBEX and MX80 bentonites in water, HNO3 and Lu(NO3)(3) media: implications for radioactive waste control APPLIED CLAY SCIENCE
Artículo2015 Self-Assembling of Tetradecylammonium Chain on Swelling High Charge Micas (Na-Mica-3 and Na-Mica-2): Effect of Alkylammonium Concentration and Mica Layer Charge LANGMUIR
Artículo2015 Synthesis temperature effect on Na-Mica-4 crystallinity and heteroatom distribution MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS
Artículo2014 A new route of synthesis of Na-Mica-4 from sodalite MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS
Artículo2014 Influence of the synthesis parameter on the interlayer and framework structure of lamellar octadecyltrimethylammonium kanemite APPLIED CLAY SCIENCE
Artículo2014 Interaction of Hydrated Cations with Mica-n (n=2, 3 and 4) Surface JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C
Artículo2013 Evaluation of rare earth on layered silicates under subcritical conditions: effect of the framework and interlayer space composition CHEMICAL GEOLOGY
Artículo2013 Solution properties of the system ZrSiO4-HfSiO4: A computational and experimental study JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C
Artículo2013 Synthesis and characterization of kanemite from fluoride-containing media: Influence of the alkali cation AMERICAN MINERALOGIST
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Fecha de inicio Fecha de fin Rol Denominación Agencia financiadora
12/12/2014 30/12/2014 Investigador/a Caracterización de las propiedades físico-química de materiales sólidos del proyecto waste to biofuels (W2B) (2381/0640) ABENGOA RESEARCH S.L. (Desconocido)
22/05/2014 30/05/2014 Investigador/a Waste to Biofuel-Encargo 3 (2244/0640) ABENGOA RESEARCH S.L. (Desconocido)
21/02/2014 18/03/2014 Investigador/a Wasted to Biofuel-Encargo 2 (2171/0640) ABENGOA RESEARCH S.L. (Desconocido)
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