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Andrea Alvarez Moreno

P.I.F. (Beca Excelencia)
Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2021 Biogas conversion to syngas using advanced Ni-promoted pyrochlore catalysts: fffect of the CH4/CO2 ratio FRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Artículo2018 CO2 reforming of methane over Ni-Ru supported catalysts: On the nature of active sites by operando DRIFTS study JOURNAL OF CO2 UTILIZATION
Artículo2016 Intensifying glycerol steam reforming on a monolith catalyst: A reaction kinetic model CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL
Artículo2016 Ru-Ni Catalyst in the Combined Dry-Steam Reforming of Methane: The Importance in the Metal Order Addition TOPICS IN CATALYSIS
Artículo2015 Glycerol steam reforming on bimetallic NiSn/CeO2-MgO-Al2O3 catalysts: Influence of the support, reaction parameters and deactivation/regeneration processes APPLIED CATALYSIS A-GENERAL
Ponencia2014 Influence of the preparation method in Ru-Ni catalysts for dry reforming of methane Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division 2014 - Core Programming Area at the 2014 AIChE Annual Meeting
Artículo2012 Gold supported on pillared clays for CO oxidation reaction: Effect of the clay aggregate size APPLIED CLAY SCIENCE
Artículo2012 Influence of the shape of Ni catalysts in the glycerol steam reforming APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL
Artículo2012 Influence of Vanadium or Cobalt Oxides on the CO Oxidation Behavior of Au/MOx/CeO2-Al2O3 Systems CHEMCATCHEM
Artículo2012 Preferential oxidation of CO (CO-PROX) over CuOx/CeO2 coated microchannel reactor CATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2012 Sub-ambient CO oxidation over mesoporous Co3O4: Effect of morphology on its reduction behavior and catalytic performance APPLIED CATALYSIS A-GENERAL
Artículo2011 Selective CO removal over Au/CeFe and CeCu catalysts in microreactors studied through kinetic analysis and CFD simulations CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL

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