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Elisa Del Pilar Rodriguez Seguel

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Área de conocimiento: Biología Celular
Departamento: Biología Celular
Grupo: Sin Grupo US
Instituto de Inv.: IBIS
Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023 Three double-dose reinforced hepatitis B revaccination scheme for patients with cirrhosis unresponsive to the standard regimen: an open-label randomised clinical trial GUT
Artículo2021 Clinical characteristics and outcome of drug-induced liver injury in the older patients: from the young-old to the oldest-old CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY & THERAPEUTICS
Artículo2021 Comprehensive analysis and insights gained from long-term experience of the Spanish DILI Registry JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY
Letter2021 Optimal hepatitis B vaccination schedule for cirrhotic patients: a still unanswered question JOURNAL OF VIRAL HEPATITIS
Artículo2020 Loss of GATA4 causes ectopic pancreas in the stomach JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
Artículo2018 GATA6 controls insulin biosynthesis and secretion in adult β-cells DIABETES
Artículo2013 Mutually exclusive signaling signatures define the hepatic and pancreatic progenitor cell lineage divergence GENES & DEVELOPMENT
Artículo2009 The Xenopus Irx genes are essential for neural patterning and define the border between prethalamus and thalamus through mutual antagonism with the anterior repressors Fezf and Arx DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY
Artículo2008 A dual requirement for Iroquois genes during Xenopus kidney development DEVELOPMENT
Corrección2008 A dual requirement for Iroquois genes during Xenopus kidney development (vol 135, pg 3197, 2008) DEVELOPMENT
Artículo2005 A functional survey of the enhancer activity of conserved non-coding sequences from vertebrate Iroquois cluster gene deserts GENOME RESEARCH
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