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Alvaro Gomez Losada

Profesor Sustituto Interino
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Artículo2022 Automatic Eligibility of Sellers in an Online Market Place: A Case Study of Amazon Algorithm Information (Switzerland)
Artículo2021 Empirical ozone isopleths at urban and suburban sites through evolutionary procedure-based models JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2021 Estimation of Particulate Matter Contributions from Desert Outbreaks in Mediterranean Countries (2015-2018) Using the Time Series Clustering Method Atmosphere
Artículo2020 Characterization of background particulate matter concentrations using the combination of two clustering techniques in zones with heterogeneous emission sources ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2020 Estimation of background PM2.5 concentrations for an air-polluted environment ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH
Artículo2019 A data science approach for spatiotemporal modelling of low and resident air pollution in Madrid (Spain): Implications for epidemiological studies COMPUTERS ENVIRONMENT AND URBAN SYSTEMS
Ponencia2019 Competing for Amazon’s Buy Box: A Machine-Learning Approach Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing
Artículo2019 Email based institutional network analysis: Applications and risks Social Sciences
Artículo2019 Impact of the implementation of Lisbon low emission zone on air quality JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Ponencia2019 Time series forecasting by recommendation: an empirical analysis on amazon marketplace BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS, PT I
Artículo2018 A novel approach to forecast urban surface-level ozone considering heterogeneous locations and limited information ENVIRONMENTAL MODELLING & SOFTWARE
Artículo2018 Forecasting ozone threshold exceedances in urban background areas using supervised classification and easy-access information Atmospheric Pollution Research
Artículo2018 Modelling background air pollution exposure in urban environments: Implications for epidemiological research ENVIRONMENTAL MODELLING & SOFTWARE
Ponencia2017 Clustering Air Monitoring Stations According to Background and Ambient Pollution Using Hidden Markov Models and Multidimensional Scaling DATA SCIENCE: INNOVATIVE DEVELOPMENTS IN DATA ANALYSIS AND CLUSTERING
Ponencia2017 Clustering air monitoring stations according to background and ambient pollution using hidden markov models and multidimensional scaling DATA SCIENCE: INNOVATIVE DEVELOPMENTS IN DATA ANALYSIS AND CLUSTERING
Artículo2016 Characterization of background air pollution exposure in urban environments using a metric based on Hidden Markov Models ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2015 Time series clustering for estimating particulate matter contributions and its use in quantifying impacts from deserts ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2014 Finite mixture models to characterize and refine air quality monitoring networks SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT
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