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Jose Luis Blanco Pastor

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Artículo2023 Biogenic factors explain soil carbon in paired urban and natural ecosystems worldwide NATURE CLIMATE CHANGE
Corrección2023 Erratum: Publisher Correction: Soil contamination in nearby natural areas mirrors that in urban greenspaces worldwide (Nature communications (2023) 14 1 (1706)) NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2023 Soil biodiversity supports the delivery of multiple ecosystem functions in urban greenspaces NATURE ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION
Artículo2023 Soil contamination in nearby natural areas mirrors that in urban greenspaces worldwide NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2023 The global contribution of soil mosses to ecosystem services NATURE GEOSCIENCE
Artículo2023 The holocentric chromosome microevolution: From phylogeographic patterns to genomic associations with environmental gradients. MOLECULAR ECOLOGY
Artículo2022 Alternative modes of introgression-mediated selection shaped crop adaptation to novel climates GENOME BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION
Artículo2022 Global hotspots for soil nature conservation NATURE
Artículo2022 Insect pollination in temperate sedges? A case study in Rhynchospora alba (Cyperaceae) PLANT BIOSYSTEMS
Revisión2022 Moving towards the ecological intensification of tree plantations TRENDS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2022 The global distribution and environmental drivers of the soil antibiotic resistome Microbiome
Artículo2021 Annual and perennial Medicago show signatures of parallel adaptation to climate and soil in highly conserved genes MOLECULAR ECOLOGY
Artículo2021 Canonical correlations reveal adaptive loci and phenotypic responses to climate in perennial ryegrass MOLECULAR ECOLOGY RESOURCES
Artículo2021 Global homogenization of the structure and function in the soil microbiome of urban greenspaces SCIENCE ADVANCES
Artículo2021 Inter-annual and spatial climatic variability have led to a balance between local fluctuating selection and wide-range directional selection in a perennial grass species ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2021 To grow or survive: Which are the strategies of a perennial grass to face severe seasonal stress? FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY
Revisión2020 A Guide to Carrying Out a Phylogenomic Target Sequence Capture Project FRONTIERS IN GENETICS
Artículo2020 High-Throughput Genome-Wide Genotyping To Optimize the Use of Natural Genetic Resources in the Grassland Species Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium perenneL.) G3-GENES GENOMES GENETICS
Artículo2019 Evolutionary networks from RADseq loci point to hybrid origins of Medicago carstiensis and Medicago cretacea AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY
Artículo2019 Macroevolutionary dynamics of nectar spurs, a key evolutionary innovation NEW PHYTOLOGIST
Artículo2019 Pleistocene climate changes, and not agricultural spread, accounts for range expansion and admixture in the dominant grassland species Lolium perenne L. JOURNAL OF BIOGEOGRAPHY
Artículo2019 Topography explains the distribution of genetic diversity in one of the most fragile European hotspots DIVERSITY AND DISTRIBUTIONS
Artículo2018 Partitioning genetic and species diversity refines our understanding of species-genetic diversity relationships ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION
Artículo2017 A cryptic species produced by autopolyploidy and subsequent introgression involving Medicago prostrata (Fabaceae) MOLECULAR PHYLOGENETICS AND EVOLUTION
Artículo2015 Bees explain floral variation in a recent radiation of Linaria JOURNAL OF EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY
Artículo2014 Testing the biogeographical congruence of palaeofloras using molecular phylogenetics: snapdragons and the Madrean-Tethyan flora JOURNAL OF BIOGEOGRAPHY
Artículo2013 Autecological traits determined two evolutionary strategies in Mediterranean plants during the Quaternary: low differentiation and range expansion versus geographical speciation in Linaria MOLECULAR ECOLOGY
Artículo2013 Corolla morphology influences diversification rates in bifid toadflaxes (Linaria sect. Versicolores) ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2013 Past and future demographic dynamics of alpine species: limited genetic consequences despite dramatic range contraction in a plant from the Spanish Sierra Nevada MOLECULAR ECOLOGY
Artículo2012 Coalescent Simulations Reveal Hybridization and Incomplete Lineage Sorting in Mediterranean Linaria PLOS ONE
Artículo2011 The Colonization History of Juniperus brevifolia (Cupressaceae) in the Azores Islands PLOS ONE

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01/11/2021 31/08/2023 Responsable Identificación de las señales genómicas del cambio climático en praderas permanentes mediante resecuenciación y estudios experimentales en poblaciones alocrónicas (PID2020-119327RJ-I00) Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (Nacional)
05/10/2021 31/03/2023 Investigador/a Genómica y conservación de especies amenazadas del litoral andaluz (P20_01201) Consejería de Economía, Conocimiento, Empresas y Universidad (Autonómico)
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