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Judith Gonzalez Arias

Contrato Juan de la Cierva Formación
Área de conocimiento: Química Inorgánica
Departamento: Química Inorgánica
Grupo: QUIMICA DE SUPERFICIES Y CATALISIS - TEP-106 (Universidad de Sevilla)
Centro mixto: Instituto Ciencia de los Materiales (ICMSE)
Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024 A profitability study for catalytic ammonia production from renewable landfill biogas: Charting a route for the next generation of green ammonia FUEL
Artículo2024 A review on high-pressure heterogeneous catalytic processes for gas-phase CO ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH
Artículo2024 CO2 Conversion via Low-Temperature RWGS Enabled by Multicomponent Catalysts: Could Transition Metals Outperform Pt? TOPICS IN CATALYSIS
Artículo2024 Feedstock recycling of cable plastic residue via steam cracking on an industrial-scale fluidized bed FUEL
Artículo2024 Hydrochar and synthetic natural gas co-production for a full circular economy implementation via hydrothermal carbonization and methanation: An economic approach JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES-CHINA
Artículo2024 Mechanistic insights into methanol carbonylation to methyl acetate over an efficient organic template-free Cu-exchanged Mordenite CATALYSIS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2024 Method development and evaluation of product gas mixture from a semi-industrial scale fluidized bed steam cracker with GC-VUV FUEL PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2024 Optimizing biogas methanation over nickel supported on ceria-alumina catalyst: Towards CO ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH
Revisión2024 Renewable Carbonaceous Materials from Biomass in Catalytic Processes: A Review MATERIALS
Artículo2024 Steam gasification as a viable solution for converting single-use medical items into chemical building blocks with high yields for the plastic industry RESOURCES CONSERVATION AND RECYCLING
Artículo2024 Synthetic natural gas production using CO2-rich waste stream from hydrothermal carbonization of biomass: Effect of impurities on the catalytic activity JOURNAL OF CO2 UTILIZATION
Libro2023 Circular Economy Processes for CO2 Capture and Utilization Circular Economy Processes for CO2 Capture and Utilization
Artículo2023 Comparing bed materials for fluidized bed steam cracking of high-density polyethylene: Olivine, bauxite, silica-sand, and feldspar JOURNAL OF ANALYTICAL AND APPLIED PYROLYSIS
Artículo2023 Correlations between product distribution and feedstock composition in thermal cracking processes for mixed plastic waste FUEL
Artículo2023 Effect of biomass ash on preventing aromatization of olefinic cracking products in dual fluidized bed systems FUEL
Artículo2023 Electromethanogenesis for the conversion of hydrothermal carbonization exhaust gases into methane RENEWABLE ENERGY
Revisión2023 Enroute to the Carbon-Neutrality Goals via the Targeted Development of Ammonia as a Potential Nitrogen-Based Energy Carrier ACS CATALYSIS
Artículo2023 Fluidized bed steam cracking of rapeseed oil: exploring the direct production of the molecular building blocks for the plastics industry Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery
Revisión2023 Hydrogen production by catalytic aqueous-phase reforming of waste biomass: a review Environmental Chemistry Letters
Artículo2023 Hydrothermal carbonization vs. anaerobic digestion to valorize fruit and vegetable waste: A comparative technical and energy assessment JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
Artículo2023 In-situ DRIFTS steady-state study of CO2 and CO methanation over Ni-promoted catalysts FUEL
Capítulo2023 Introduction to strategies for implementing CO2 utilization in circular economy processes Circular Economy Processes for CO2 Capture and Utilization
Capítulo2023 MgCO3 production from MgCl2 waste and CO2: A process design and economic approach Circular Economy Processes for CO2 Capture and Utilization
Capítulo2023 Profitability analysis of biomethane and calcium carbonate co-production from biogas and FGD gypsum Circular Economy Processes for CO2 Capture and Utilization
Artículo2023 Scaling-Up of the Production of Biochar from Olive Tree Pruning for Agricultural Use: Evaluation of Biochar Characteristics and Phytotoxicity Agriculture (Switzerland)
Artículo2023 Syngas Production from Protective Face Masks through Pyrolysis/Steam Gasification ENERGIES
Artículo2023 Thermochemical recycling of tall oil pitch in a dual fluidized bed FUEL
Artículo2023 Treatment of hydrothermal carbonization process water by electrochemical oxidation: Assessment of process performance ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH
Artículo2022 Biogas upgrading to biomethane as a local source of renewable energy to power light marine transport: profitability analysis for the county of Cornwall WASTE MANAGEMENT
Artículo2022 Enhancing biomethane production by biochar addition during anaerobic digestion is economically unprofitable Environmental Chemistry Letters
Revisión2022 Hydrothermal carbonization of biomass and waste: A review Environmental Chemistry Letters
Artículo2022 Insights into the product quality and energy requirements for solid biofuel production: A comparison of hydrothermal carbonization, pyrolysis and torrefaction of olive tree pruning ENERGY
Artículo2022 p Economic approach for CO2 valorization from hydrothermal carbonization streams via reverse water shift reaction FUEL
Artículo2022 Profitability analysis of thermochemical processes for biomass-waste valorization: a comparison of dry vs wet treatments SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2022 Pyrolysed almond shells used as electrodes in microbial electrolysis cell Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery
Artículo2022 Unraveling the hydrocracking capabilities of fluidized bed systems operated with natural ores as bed materials JOURNAL OF ANALYTICAL AND APPLIED PYROLYSIS
Artículo2022 Valorization of biomass-derived CO2 residues with Cu-MnOx catalysts for RWGS reaction RENEWABLE ENERGY
Artículo2021 A techno-economic study of HTC processes coupled with power facilities and oxy-combustion systems ENERGY
Artículo2021 Assessing thermodynamic parameters of hydrochar of off-specification compost and olive tree pruning for improving combustion performance Procedia Environmental Science, Engineering and Management
Artículo2021 Assessment of electrooxidation as pre- and post-treatments for improving anaerobic digestion and stabilisation of waste activated sludge JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2021 Evaluation of Joint Management of Pine Wood Waste and Residual Microalgae for Agricultural Application SUSTAINABILITY
Artículo2021 Management of off-specification compost by using co-hydrothermal carbonization with olive tree pruning. Assessing energy potential of hydrochar WASTE MANAGEMENT
Artículo2021 Optimizing hydrothermal carbonization of olive tree pruning: A techno-economic analysis based on experimental results SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT
Ponencia2021 Orange peel valorization to biomethane: Preliminary profitability analysis European Biomass Conference and Exhibition Proceedings
Artículo2021 Promoting bioeconomy routes: From food waste to green biomethane. A profitability analysis based on a real case study in eastern Germany JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2021 Syngas production using CO2-rich residues: From ideal to real operating conditions JOURNAL OF CO2 UTILIZATION
Artículo2021 Unprofitability of small biogas plants without subsidies in the Brandenburg region Environmental Chemistry Letters
Artículo2020 Biochar and Energy Production: Valorizing Swine Manure through Coupling Co-Digestion and Pyrolysis C-JOURNAL OF CARBON RESEARCH
Artículo2020 Description of a Decentralized Small Scale Digester for Treating Organic Wastes ENVIRONMENTS
Artículo2020 Hydrothermal Carbonization of Olive Tree Pruning as a Sustainable Way for Improving Biomass Energy Potential: Effect of Reaction Parameters on Fuel Properties PROCESSES
Artículo2020 Integrating anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis for treating digestates derived from sewage sludge and fat wastes ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH
Artículo2020 Integrating Anaerobic Digestion of Pig Slurry and Thermal Valorisation of Biomass WASTE AND BIOMASS VALORIZATION
Artículo2020 Performance evaluation of a small-scale digester for achieving decentralised management of waste WASTE MANAGEMENT
Revisión2018 Enhancing Anaerobic Digestion: The Effect of Carbon Conductive Materials C-JOURNAL OF CARBON RESEARCH

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