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Ponencia2021A case of study of land surface phenology for CAP management: using Sentinel-2 data to obtain phenometrics for winter cereals in Andalusia, SpainProceedings of SPIE
Ponencia2021Characterising the spring and autumn land surface phenology of Macaronesian species using Sentinel-2 data: the case of Canary IslandProceedings of SPIE
Ponencia2020Planning and engagement arenas for renewable energy landscapes, Paros Island exampleProceedings of SPIE
Ponencia2020Predictive modelling of wheat yield from vegetation index time series in Spain: assessing the use of Corine Land Cover and CAP statistics to obtain crop masksProceedings of SPIE
Ponencia2020Vegetation phenology dynamics across ecoregions of Iberian Peninsula from MODIS NDVI time series: 2001-2017Proceedings of SPIE
Ponencia2018Construction progress of WEAVE: the next generation wide-field spectroscopy facility for the William Herschel TelescopeGROUND-BASED AND AIRBORNE INSTRUMENTATION FOR ASTRONOMY VII
Ponencia2018Deep Learning based Beat Event Detection in Action Movie FranchisesTENTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MACHINE VISION (ICMV 2017)
Ponencia2018Performance Analysis of Real-Time DNN Inference on Raspberry PiREAL-TIME IMAGE AND VIDEO PROCESSING 2018
Ponencia2017Characterisation of macrophyte phenology in the Doñana marshland using MODIS NDVI time series from 2000 to 2015EARTH RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENTAL REMOTE SENSING/GIS APPLICATIONS VIII
Ponencia2017Discriminating the Mediterranean Pinus spp. using the land surface phenology extracted from the whole MODIS NDVI time series and machine learning algorithmsEARTH RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENTAL REMOTE SENSING/GIS APPLICATIONS VIII
Ponencia2017Implementing and validating pan-sharpening algorithms in open-source softwareIMAGE AND SIGNAL PROCESSING FOR REMOTE SENSING XXIII
Ponencia2017Parallel Efficient Rate Control Methods for JPEG 2000APPLICATIONS OF DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING XL
Ponencia2017Real-time phase correlation based integrated system for seizure detectionBIO-MEMS AND MEDICAL MICRODEVICES III
Ponencia2017Validation of a global satellite rainfall product for real time monitoring of meteorological extremesREMOTE SENSING FOR AGRICULTURE, ECOSYSTEMS, AND HYDROLOGY XIX
Ponencia2017Vapor and liquid optical monitoring with sculptured Bragg microcavitiesNANOSTRUCTURED THIN FILMS X
Ponencia2016Luminescent rare earth vanadate nanoparticles doped with Eu3+ and Bi-3 for sensing and imaging applicationsCOLLOIDAL NANOPARTICLES FOR BIOMEDICAL APPLICATIONS XI
Ponencia2015A 64-channel ultra-low power system-on-chip for local field and action potentials recordingBIO-MEMS AND MEDICAL MICRODEVICES II
Ponencia2015A SPAD-based 3D imager with in-pixel TDC for 145ps-accuracy ToF measurementIMAGE SENSORS AND IMAGING SYSTEMS 2015
Ponencia2015Design Considerations for A Low-Noise CMOS Image SensorIMAGE SENSORS AND IMAGING SYSTEMS 2015
Ponencia2015Dynamical stabilisation in optical tweezersCOMPLEX LIGHT AND OPTICAL FORCES IX
Ponencia2015Hardware-Software Face Detection System based on Multi Block Local Binary PatternsSIXTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GRAPHIC AND IMAGE PROCESSING (ICGIP 2014)
Ponencia2015Low frequency dynamical stabilization in optical tweezersOPTICAL TRAPPING AND OPTICAL MICROMANIPULATION XII
Ponencia2015Real-time single-exposure ROT-driven HDR adaptation based on focal-plane reconfigurationREAL-TIME IMAGE AND VIDEO PROCESSING 2015
Ponencia2015Room temperature deposition of highly dense TiO2 thin films by filtered cathodic vacuum arcNANOSTRUCTURED THIN FILMS VIII
Ponencia2015Segmentation of Bone Structures in 3D CT Images Based on Continuous Max-flow OptimizationMEDICAL IMAGING 2015: IMAGE PROCESSING
Ponencia2015Solar selective coatings based on carbon: transition metal nanocompositesHIGH AND LOW CONCENTRATOR SYSTEMS FOR SOLAR ENERGY APPLICATIONS X
Ponencia2014Near-infrared spectroscopy and pattern-recognition processing for classifying wines of two Italian provincesADVANCED ENVIRONMENTAL, CHEMICAL, AND BIOLOGICAL SENSING TECHNOLOGIES XI
Ponencia2014Review of ADCs for imagingIMAGE SENSORS AND IMAGING SYSTEMS 2014
Ponencia2014Smart imaging for power-efficient extraction of Viola-Jones local descriptorsIMAGE SENSORS AND IMAGING SYSTEMS 2014
Ponencia2013A Battery-free 64-channel Neural Spike Wireless Sensor ArrayBIO-MEMS AND MEDICAL MICRODEVICES
Ponencia2013Synchronization of Optically Coupled Resonant Tunneling Diode Oscillators8TH IBEROAMERICAN OPTICS MEETING AND 11TH LATIN AMERICAN MEETING ON OPTICS, LASERS, AND APPLICATIONS
Ponencia2012High-Speed Global Shutter CMOS Machine Vision Sensor with High Dynamic Range Image Acquisition and Embedded IntelligenceSENSORS, CAMERAS, AND SYSTEMS FOR INDUSTRIAL AND SCIENTIFIC APPLICATIONS XIII
Ponencia2011An auto-calibrated neural spike recording channel with feature extraction capabilitiesBIOELECTRONICS, BIOMEDICAL, AND BIOINSPIRED SYSTEMS V AND NANOTECHNOLOGY V
Ponencia2011Design of a smart SiPM based on focal-plane processing elements for improved spatial resolution in PETBIOELECTRONICS, BIOMEDICAL, AND BIOINSPIRED SYSTEMS V AND NANOTECHNOLOGY V
Ponencia2011Evaluation of MOBILE-based gate-level pipelining augmenting CMOS with RTDsVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS V
Ponencia2011Focal-plane generation of multi-resolution and multi-scale image representation for low-power vision applicationsINFRARED TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATIONS XXXVII
Ponencia2011High-dynamic range tone-mapping algorithm for focal plane processorsBIOELECTRONICS, BIOMEDICAL, AND BIOINSPIRED SYSTEMS V AND NANOTECHNOLOGY V
Editorial2011Introduction to part AProceedings of SPIE
Ponencia2011Multi-resolution low-power Gaussian filtering by reconfigurable focal-plane binningBIOELECTRONICS, BIOMEDICAL, AND BIOINSPIRED SYSTEMS V AND NANOTECHNOLOGY V
Ponencia2010A 3-D Chip Architecture for Optical Sensing and Concurrent ProcessingOPTICAL SENSING AND DETECTION
Ponencia2010A CMOS vision system on-chip with multicore sensory processing architecture for image analysis above 1,000F/sSENSORS, CAMERAS, AND SYSTEMS FOR INDUSTRIAL/SCIENTIFIC APPLICATIONS XI
Ponencia2010Segmentation and classification of dermatological lesionsMEDICAL IMAGING 2010: COMPUTER - AIDED DIAGNOSIS
Ponencia2009Flexible CMOS Low-Noise Amplifiers for Beyond-3G Wireless Hand-Held DevicesVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS IV
Ponencia2009Low-power focal-plane dynamic texture segmentation based on programmable image binning and diffusion hardwareBIOENGINEERED AND BIOINSPIRED SYSTEMS IV
Ponencia2009Resonation-based Hybrid Continuous-Time/Discrete-Time Cascade Sigma Delta Modulators - Application to 4G Wireless TelecomVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS IV
Ponencia2008CMOS architectures and circuits for high-speed decision-making from image flowsINFRARED TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATIONS XXXIV, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2007A design tool for high-resolution high-frequency cascade continuous-time Sigma Delta modulatorsVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS III
Ponencia2007A methodology for switching noise estimation at gate levelVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS III
Ponencia2007Address-event based platform for bio-inspired spiking systemsBIOENGINEERED AND BIOINSPIRED SYSTEMS III
Ponencia2007AER image filtering - art. no. 659207BIOENGINEERED AND BIOINSPIRED SYSTEMS III
Ponencia2007Automatic logic synthesis for parallel alternating latches clocking schemesVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS III
Ponencia2007Behavioral modeling and simulation of multi-standard RF receivers using MATLAB/SIMULINKVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS III
Ponencia2007Design of a 0.13-mu m CMOS cascade expandable Sigma Delta modulator for multi-standard RF telecom systemsVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS III
Ponencia2007Effects of buffer insertion on the average/peak power ratio in CMOS VLSI digital circuitsVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS III
Ponencia2007HEAPAN: a high level computer architecture analysis toolVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS III
Ponencia2007Integrated circuit interface for artificial skinsBIOENGINEERED AND BIOINSPIRED SYSTEMS III
Ponencia2007Partitioning and characterization of high speed adder structures in deep-submicron technologiesVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS III
Editorial2007Proceedings of SPIE - The Internaional Society for Optical Engineering: IntroductionProceedings of SPIE
Ponencia2007Towards systematic design of multi-standard convertersVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS III
Ponencia2006Sensing schemes for state estimation in turbulent flows and flexible structuresSMART STRUCTURES AND MATERIALS 2006: SENSORS AND SMART STRUCTURES TECHNOLOGIES FOR CIVIL, MECHANICAL , AND AEROSPACE SYSTEMS, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2005A 0.18 mu m CMOS low noise, highly linear continuous-time seventh-order elliptic low-pass filterVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2005A 0.35 mu m CMOS 17-bit@40-kS/s cascade 2-1 Sigma Delta modulator with programmable gain and programmable chopper stabilizationVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2005A calibration scheme for subthreshold current mode circuitsBIOENGINEERED AND BIOINSPIRED SYSTEMS II
Ponencia2005A digital pixel cell for address event representation image convolution processingBIOENGINEERED AND BIOINSPIRED SYSTEMS II
Ponencia2005A methodology for the characterization of arithmetic circuits on CMOS deep submicron technologiesVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2005A mismatch characterization and simulation environment for weak-to-strong inversion CMOS transistorsVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2005A novel suspended gate MOSFET pressure sensorSMART SENSORS, ACTUATORS, AND MEMS II
Ponencia2005A reuse-based framework for the design of analog and mixed-signal ICsVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2005AC electric field microfluidic control in microsystemsSMART SENSORS, ACTUATORS, AND MEMS II
Ponencia2005AC electrokinetic pumping of liquids using arrays of microelectrodesBIOENGINEERED AND BIOINSPIRED SYSTEMS II
Ponencia2005ACE16k based stand-alone system for real-time pre-processing tasksVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2005AER synthetic generation in hardware for bio-inspired spiking systemsBIOENGINEERED AND BIOINSPIRED SYSTEMS II
Ponencia2005Algorithms to get the maximum operation frequency for skew-tolerant clocking schemesVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2005Application of clock gating techniques at a flip-flop level to switching noise reduction in VLSI circuitsVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2005Continuous-time cascaded Delta Sigma modulators for VDSL: A comparative studyVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2005Crystal structure and second harmonic generation in cesium hydrogen malate hydrateProceedings of SPIE
Ponencia2005Design of a 12-bit 80MS/s CMOS digital-to-analog converter for PLC-VDSL applicationsVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2005Design of a 12-bit 80MS/s pipeline analog-to-digital converter for PLC-VDSL applicationsVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2005Embedded desing-for-testability strategies to test high-resolution SD modulatorsVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2005FPGA implementation of a fuzzy based video de-interlacing algorithmVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2005Ge-doped silica fibers: Modelling of photosensitivityProceedings of SPIE
Ponencia2005Geometrically-constrained, parasitic-aware synthesis of analog ICsVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2005Integrable silicon microsystem for three-dimensional flow focusingSMART SENSORS, ACTUATORS, AND MEMS II
Ponencia2005Macromodelling for analog design and robustness boosting in bio-inspired computing modelsBIOENGINEERED AND BIOINSPIRED SYSTEMS II
Ponencia2005Manipulation of bio-particles by means of nonuniform AC electric fieldsBIOENGINEERED AND BIOINSPIRED SYSTEMS II
Ponencia2005Microextractor controlledSMART SENSORS, ACTUATORS, AND MEMS II
Ponencia2005Mixed-mode simulation of optical-based systems: PSD applicationBIOENGINEERED AND BIOINSPIRED SYSTEMS II
Ponencia2005On event generators for Address Event Representation transmittersBIOENGINEERED AND BIOINSPIRED SYSTEMS II
Ponencia2005On the suitability and development of layout templates for analog layout reuse and layout-aware synthesisVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2005Performance analysis of full adders in CMOS technologiesVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2005Simulation-based high-level synthesis of nyquist-rate data converters using MATLAB/SIMULINKVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2005Tactile on-chip pre-processing with techniques from artificial retinasBIOENGINEERED AND BIOINSPIRED SYSTEMS II
Ponencia2005Time-recovering PCI-AER interface for bio-inspired spiking systemsBIOENGINEERED AND BIOINSPIRED SYSTEMS II
Ponencia2005Wearable human movement monitoring device aimed at providing personalized support in healthcareSMART SENSORS, ACTUATORS, AND MEMS II
Ponencia20042D adaptive filtering and region growing algorithm for the detection of microaneurysms in retinal angiogramsMEDICAL IMAGING 2004: IMAGE PROCESSING, PTS 1-3
Ponencia2004Classification of burn wounds using support vector machinesMEDICAL IMAGING 2004: IMAGE PROCESSING, PTS 1-3
Ponencia2004Simulation of nonlinear distortion in W-CDMA communication circuitsMICROWAVE AND OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY 2003
Ponencia2003A LP-LV high performance monolitic DTMF receiver with on-chip test facilitiesVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS
Ponencia2003A mixed-signal early vision chip with embedded image and programming memories and digital I/OVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS
Ponencia2003A Sigma Delta modulator for a programmable-gain, low-power, high-linearity automotive sensor interfaceVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS
Ponencia2003A versatile sensor interface for programmable vision systems-on-chipSENSORS AND CAMERA SYSTEMS FOR SCIENTIFIC, INDUSTRIAL, AND DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY APPLICATIONS IV
Ponencia2003Analysis of current-mode flip-flops in CMOS technologiesVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS
Ponencia2003CMOS mixed-signal MODEM for data transmission and control of electrical household appliances using the low-voltage power-lineVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS
Ponencia2003History of lasers in otorhinolaryngology-head & neck surgery: Part I - An overviewLASERS IN SURGERY: ADVANCED CHARACTERIZATION, THERAPEUTICS, AND SYSTEMS XIII
Ponencia2003Implementation of negative mu medium in coplanar waveguide technologyMICROWAVE AND OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY 2003
Editorial2003IntroductionProceedings of SPIE
Ponencia2003Programmable retinal dynamics in a CMOS mixed-signal array processor chipBIOENGINEERED AND BIOINSPIRED SYSTEMS
Ponencia2003Segmentation of burn images based on color and texture informationMEDICAL IMAGING 2003: IMAGE PROCESSING, PTS 1-3
Ponencia2003Smoke monitoring and measurement using image processing. Application to forest firesAUTOMATIC TARGET RECOGNITION XIII
Ponencia2003Switching noise reduction in clock distribution in mixed-mode VLSI circuitsVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS
Ponencia2003System-level optimization of baseband filters for communication applicationsVLSI CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS
Ponencia2003Towards a computational approach for collision avoidance with real-world scenesBIOENGINEERED AND BIOINSPIRED SYSTEMS
Ponencia2002Aerial monitoring and measurement of forest firesENHANCED AND SYNTHETIC VISION 2002
Ponencia2002Segmentation of burn images using the L(*)u(*)v(*) space and classification of their depths by color and texture informationMEDICAL IMAGING 2002: IMAGE PROCESSING, VOL 1-3
Ponencia2002Tristimulus weight functions to calculate musts color coordinates from 10-nm bandwidth spectral dataAIC: 9TH CONGRESS OF THE INTERNATIONAL COLOUR ASSOCIATION
Ponencia2000Experimental demonstration of real-time image-processing using a VLSI analog programmable array processorAPPLICATIONS OF ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORKS IN IMAGE PROCESSING V
Ponencia2000Virtual holographic recognition and its applications in medicine and other fieldsHOLOGRAPHY 2000
Ponencia1998Mechanism of oxygenation of YBaCuO thin films during in situ growth in presence of oxygen plasma: correlation between oxygenation and physical propertiesProceedings of SPIE
Ponencia1998Sidelobes suppression in fiber gratings: A new designAPPLICATIONS OF PHOTONIC TECHNOLOGY 3
Ponencia1996Contribution of ion beam analysis to study the mechanisms of YBaCuO thin film growth and their oxidation kineticsProceedings of SPIE
Artículo1987Command transmission in power control centersProceedings of SPIE