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Ponencia2024An Approach to Industrial Heritage and Singular Values: The Schindler's Ark Case StudyLecture Notes in Civil Engineering
Capítulo2024Controlled Release of Curcumin from Hydrogels: Biomedical Applications with a Focus on Neurodegenerative DiseasesCurcumin and Neurodegenerative Diseases
Ponencia2024Design and Construction of a Prototype for the Lyophilization ProcessProceedings of the 11th International Conference on Mechatronics and Control Engineering
Capítulo2024Fake News and Proximity Media: Digital Strategies to Protect Local News CredibilityCommunication and Applied Technologies
Capítulo2024Strategies of Spanish Political Parties in the Face of the COVID-19 Vaccine. Polarization, Disinformation and Impact on the Local PopulationCommunication and Applied Technologies
Capítulo2024The Importance of Food and Beverage Service in the Cruise PassengersAdvances in Tourism, Technology and Systems
Ponencia2023A literature review on machine learning to optimize water network management using natural language processingLecture Notes in Civil Engineering
Capítulo2023Biden’s Counter-Speech to Trump’s Conspiratorial Policy in the US Elections. Between Illegitimacy and the Polarization of the Digital Public SphereCommunication and Applied Technologies
Capítulo2023Designing Tailored Bioinoculants for Sustainable Agrobiology in Multi-stressed EnvironmentsSustainable Agrobiology
Ponencia2023Dynamic Response of a Controlled FRP Footbridge: Implications of Human-Structure Interaction PhenomenonLecture Notes in Civil Engineering
Ponencia2023Energy harvesting for structural health monitoring of railway bridgesLecture Notes in Civil Engineering
Capítulo2023Indoor Environment in Educational Buildings: Assessing Natural VentilationLecture Notes in Civil Engineering
Capítulo2023Intelligent Document Processing in End-to-End RPA Contexts: A Systematic Literature ReviewConfluence of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation
Ponencia2023Numerical-experimental assessment of the SLS for traffic safety in skewed high-speed railway bridgesLecture Notes in Civil Engineering
Ponencia2023Tension Force Estimation of Post-tensioning External Tendons Through Vibration-Based Monitoring: Experimental ValidationLecture Notes in Civil Engineering
Ponencia2023Vibration-Based Monitoring for Non-destructive Testing of Post-tensioning External TendonsLecture Notes in Civil Engineering
Capítulo2022An Overview of Recent Developments in Slant SubmanifoldsComplex Geometry of Slant Submanifolds
Capítulo2022Argumentative Strategies and Self-image Projection in Spanish Political InterviewsAdversarial Political Interviewing
Capítulo2022Combining Characterization Tests of Building Envelope Thermal Transmittance with the Acoustic Characterization Through Data Mining ApproachesNew technologies in building and construction: towards sustainable development
Capítulo2022In situ methodology to assess the action of water-wind on building windowsNew technologies in building and construction: towards sustainable development
Capítulo2022Integrating artificial intelligence approaches for quantitative and qualitative analysis in H-BIMNew technologies in building and construction: towards sustainable development
Capítulo2022Laser scanning intensity fingerprint: 3D visualisation and analysis of building surface deficienciesNew technologies in building and construction: towards sustainable development
Capítulo2022Methodology for the evaluation of an energetic model of thermal transmittance in a window by means of Horizontal Aggregation (HA) from short-range photogrammetry for model digital twinNew technologies in building and construction: towards sustainable development
Libro2022New Technologies in Building and Construction: Towards Sustainable DevelopmentNew technologies in building and construction: towards sustainable development
Capítulo2022Outdoor microclimate influence on building performance: simulation tools, challenges, and opportunitiesNew technologies in building and construction: towards sustainable development
Capítulo2022Pejoration in Political Interviews: Contrasting U.S. President Donald J. Trump with Venezuela President Nicolás MaduroAdversarial Political Interviewing
Editorial2022PrefaceLecture Notes in Civil Engineering
Capítulo2022Slant Submanifolds of Para Hermitian ManifoldsComplex Geometry of Slant Submanifolds
Capítulo2022The semantic discretization of architectural heritage as the basis of a HBIM restoration and conservation projectNew technologies in building and construction: towards sustainable development
Capítulo2022The Slant Submanifolds in the Setting of Metric f-ManifoldsContact Geometry of Slant Submanifolds
Ponencia2021Bayesian-Based Damage Assessment of Historical Structures Using Vibration Monitoring DataLecture Notes in Civil Engineering
Ponencia2021Increasing the Resilience of European Transport InfrastructureLecture Notes in Civil Engineering
Ponencia2021Novel Structural Health Monitoring Software Systems Exploiting Heterogeneous Sensing Solutions and Data Fusion for Enhanced Local/Global Damage Identification of Historic StructuresLecture Notes in Civil Engineering