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Artículo2021MIF versus SIF motoneurons, what are their respective contribution in the oculomotor medial rectus pool?JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2021The role of Smad2 in adult neuroplasticity as seen through hippocampal-dependent spatial learning/memory and neurogenesisJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2018Proteolytic Processing of Neurexins by Presenilins Sustains Synaptic Vesicle ReleaseJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2018Synaptic Regulator alpha-Synuclein in Dopaminergic Fibers Is Essentially Required for the Maintenance of Subependymal Neural Stem CellsJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2017Effects of selective deafferentation on the discharge characteristics of medial rectus motoneuronsJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2017Static Magnetic Field Stimulation over Parietal Cortex Enhances Somatosensory Detection in HumansJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2015Static Magnetic Field Stimulation over the Visual Cortex Increases Alpha Oscillations and Slows Visual Search in HumansJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2014Neural Progenitor Cell Implants in the Lesioned Medial Longitudinal Fascicle of Adult Cats Regulate Synaptic Composition and Firing Properties of Abducens Internuclear NeuronsJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2013Axons Giving Rise to the Palisade Endings of Feline Extraocular Muscles Display Motor FeaturesJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2013Reward Learning Requires Activity of Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 in the Central AmygdalaJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2012GDNF Is Predominantly Expressed in the PV plus Neostriatal Interneuronal Ensemble in Normal Mouse and after Injury of the Nigrostriatal PathwayJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2012Kisspeptin-GPR54 signaling in mouse No-Synthesizing neurons participates in the hypothalamic control of ovulationJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2012Role of Neurokinin B in the Control of Female Puberty and Its Modulation by Metabolic StatusJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2011Active zones and the readily releasable pool of synaptic vesicles at the neuromuscular junction of the mouseJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2011An Increase in Basal BDNF Provokes Hyperactivation of the Akt-Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Pathway and Deregulation of Local Dendritic Translation in a Mouse Model of Down's SyndromeJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2011Dual Encoding of Muscle Tension and Eye Position by Abducens MotoneuronsJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2011Frequency-dependent recruitment of fast amino acid and slow neuropeptide neurotransmitter release controls gonadotropin-releasing hormone neuron excitabilityJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2011Increased Neurotransmitter Release at the Neuromuscular Junction in a Mouse Model of Polyglutamine DiseaseJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2010Altered Intracellular Ca2+ Homeostasis in Nerve Terminals of Severe Spinal Muscular Atrophy MiceJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2010Cysteine String Protein-alpha Prevents Activity-Dependent Degeneration in GABAergic SynapsesJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2010Histone H1 Poly[ADP]-Ribosylation Regulates the Chromatin Alterations Required for Learning ConsolidationJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2010Kisspeptin signaling is required for peripheral but not central stimulation of gonadotropin-releasing hormone neurons by NMDAJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2010Nerve Growth Factor Regulates the Firing Patterns and Synaptic Composition of MotoneuronsJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2010NMDA-Mediated Regulation of DSCAM Dendritic Local Translation Is Lost in a Mouse Model of Down's SyndromeJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2009Complementary Actions of BDNF and Neurotrophin-3 on the Firing Patterns and Synaptic Composition of MotoneuronsJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2009Mature BDNF, But Not proBDNF, Reduces Excitability of Fast-Spiking Interneurons in Mouse Dentate GyrusJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2009Preferred Sites of Exocytosis and Endocytosis Colocalize during High- But Not Lower-Frequency Stimulation in Mouse Motor Nerve TerminalsJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2009Unexpected Lack of Hypersensitivity in LRRK2 Knock-Out Mice to MPTP (1-Methyl-4-Phenyl-1,2,3,6-Tetrahydropyridine)JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2008Inflammatory Response in the Hippocampus of PS1(M146L)/APP(751SL) Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease: Age-Dependent Switch in the Microglial Phenotype from Alternative to ClassicJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2008Kisspeptin-GPR54 signaling is essential for preovulatory gonadotropin-releasing hormone neuron activation and the luteinizing hormone surgeJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2007Caloric restriction increases learning consolidation and facilitates synaptic plasticity through mechanisms dependent on NR2B Subunits of the NMDA receptorJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2007Coupling of neuronal nitric oxide synthase to NMDA receptors via postsynaptic density-95 depends on estrogen and contributes to the central control of adult female reproductionJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2007Monitoring synaptic function at the neuromuscular junction of a mouse expressing synaptopHluorinJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2007Silencing of neuroligin function by postsynaptic neurexinsJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2006Matrix metalloproteinase-9 is required for hippocampal late-phase long-term potentiation and memoryJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2006Neuroprotection by transgenic expression of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in dopaminergic nigrostriatal neurons of miceJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2006Stress increases vulnerability to inflammation in the rat prefrontal cortexJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2005Rat adrenal chromaffin cells are neonatal CO2 sensorsJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2005Regulation of gephyrin cluster size and inhibitory synaptic currents on Renshaw cells by motor axon excitatory inputsJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2005Selective glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor production in adult dopaminergic carotid body cells in situ and after intrastriatal transplantationJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2004A cholinergic synaptically triggered event participates in the generation of persistent activity necessary for eye fixationJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2004Avoidance response in goldfish: Emotional and temporal involvement of medial and lateral telencephalic palliumJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2004Nitric oxide is a physiological inhibitor of neurogenesis in the adult mouse subventricular zone and olfactory bulbJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2003Secretory vesicles membrane area is regulated in tandem with quantal size in chromaffin cellsJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2003Trophic restoration of the nigrostriatal dopaminergic pathway in long-term carotid body-grafted parkinsonian ratsJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2003Trophic restoration of the nigrostriatal dopaminergic pathway in long-term carotid body-grafted parkinsonian ratsJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2002Conservation of spatial memory function in the pallial forebrain of reptiles and ray-finned fishesJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2002Modulatory mechanism of the endogenous peptide catestatin on neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and exocytosisJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2002Neuronal premotor networks involved in eyelid responses: Retrograde transneuronal tracing with rabies virus from the orbicularis oculi muscle in the ratJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2002Structure/function analysis of Ca2+ binding to the C2A domain of synaptotagmin 1JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2001Altered respiratory activity and respiratory regulations in adult monoamine oxidase A-deficient miceJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2001Functional regeneration in a rat Parkinson's model after intrastriatal grafts of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor and transforming growth factor β1-expressing extra-adrenal chromaffin cells of the Zuckerkandl's organJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2001The neuronal icrotubule-associated protein 1B is under homeoprotein transcriptional controlJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2001The neuronal microtubule-associated protein 1B is under homeoprotein transcriptional controlJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2000Distinction among neuronal subtypes of voltage-activated sodium channels by μ-conotoxin PIIIAJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo2000Novel SCAMPs lacking NPF repeats: Ubiquitous and synaptic vesicle-specific forms implicate SCAMPs in multiple membrane-trafficking functionsJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo1999A small domain in the N terminus of the regulatory α-subunit Kv2.3 modulates Kv2.1 potassium channel gatingJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo1998Mechanisms of action and targets of nitric oxide in the oculomotor systemJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo1997Identification and functional characterization of a K+ channel α- subunit with regulatory properties specific to brainJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo1992Development of retinal displaced ganglion cells in the chick: Neurogenesis and morphogenesisJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo1988Localization of the GABA(A) receptor in the rat brain with a monoclonal antibody to the 57,000 M(r) peptide of the GABA(A) receptor/benzodiazepine receptor/Cl- channel complexJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Artículo1988Monoclonal antibodies and conventional antisera to the GABA(A) receptor/benzodiazepine receptor/Cl- channel complexJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE