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Publicaciones de la editorial NATURAL PRODUCTS INC

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2019Spatially Resolved STD-NMR Applied to the Study of Solute Transport in Biphasic Systems: Application to Protein-Ligand InteractionsNATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2017Germination and Clonal Propagation of the Endemic Shrub Corema album, a Vulnerable Species with Conservation Needs and Commercial InterestNATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2017Phytochemical profile and antibacterial activity of Retama raetam and R. sphaerocarpa cladodes from AlgeriaNATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016Cytotoxic activity of microalgal-derived oxylipins against human cancer cell lines and their impact on ATP levelsNATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016Isolation and Quantification of Pinitol, a Bioactive Cyclitol, in Retama spp.NATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2015Antiproliferative Activity of seco-Oxacassanes from Acacia schaffneriNATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2014Induction of apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in human colon carcinoma cells by Corema album leavesNATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2013Absolute Configuration of Falcarinol (9Z-heptadeca-1,9-diene-4,6-diyn-3-ol) from Pastinaca sativaNATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2013Climatic conditions and Herbivory effects on morphological plasticity of Argania spinosaNATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2013Cytotoxic activity of dihydrochalcones isolated from corema album leaves against HT-29 colon cancer cellsNATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2013Germination success and seedling development of Argania spinosa under different climatic conditions and browsing intensityNATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2013Some secrets of Argania spinosa water economy in a semiarid climateNATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2013Supinidine viridiflorates from the roots of chromolaena pulchellaNATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS
Revisión2009Wine, Resveratrol and Health: a ReviewNATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS