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Publicaciones de la editorial Sissa Medialab

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Ponencia2023Neutral current quasielastic (anti)neutrino scattering beyond the Fermi gas model at MiniBooNE and BNL kinematicsProceedings of Science
Ponencia2022Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background Search at Super-KamiokandeProceedings of Science
Ponencia2022Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background search at Super-Kamiokande with neutron taggingProceedings of Science
Ponencia2022Follow-up of GWTC-2 gravitational wave events with neutrinos from the Super-Kamiokande detectorProceedings of Science
Ponencia2022Inelastic neutrino-nucleus scattering in the superscaling modelProceedings of Science
Ponencia2022Low energy radioactivity BG model in Super-Kamiokande detector from SK-IV dataProceedings of Science
Ponencia2022Measurements of the charge ratio and polarization of cosmic-ray muons with the Super-Kamiokande detectorProceedings of Science
Ponencia2022Semi-inclusive charged-current neutrino-nucleus reactions: Analysis of data in the Relativistic Plane-Wave Impulse ApproximationProceedings of Science
Ponencia2022Trojan Horse Method for n-induced reaction investigations at astrophysical energiesProceedings of Science
Ponencia2020TCAD Device Simulations of Irradiated Silicon DetectorsProceedings of The 28th International Workshop on Vertex Detectors — PoS(Vertex2019)
Ponencia2019RD53 analog front-end processors for the ATLAS and CMS experiments at the high-luminosity LHCProceedings of Science
Ponencia2018A study of SEU-tolerant latches for the RD53A chipProceedings of Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics — PoS(TWEPP-17)
Ponencia2018New results from the NUMEN projectProceedings of Science
Ponencia2018RD53A: A large scale prototype for HL-LHC silicon pixel detector phase 2 upgradesProceedings of Science
Ponencia2017Meson-exchange currents and quasielastic predictions for neutrino-nucleus scatteringProceedings of Science
Ponencia2017NURE: An ERC project to study nuclear reactions for neutrinoless double beta decayProceedings of Science
Ponencia2016Design of analog front-ends for the RD53 demonstrator chipProceedings of Science
Ponencia2016Nucleosynthesis reactions with the high-Intensity SARAF-LiLiT Neutron SourceProceedings of Science
Ponencia2016NUMEN project @ LNS: Status and perspectivesProceedings of Science
Ponencia2016Recent results in nuclear astrophysics at the n-TOF facility at CERNProceedings of Science
Ponencia2016Study of 9Li-alpha cluster states in13B using the resonant scattering methodProceedings of Science
Ponencia2016Study of high lying resonances in 9Be by the Measurement of (p, p), (p,α) and (p, d) reactionsProceedings of Science
Ponencia2016Study of the scattering of the halo nucleus 11 Be on a 197 Au target at energies around the Coulomb barrierProceedings of Science
Ponencia2015JET diagnostic enhancements in preparation for DT operationsProceedings of Science
Ponencia2015Nitrogen as a spectroscopic tracer for measuring plasma flows in the high-field side SOL of ASDEX UpgradeProceedings of Science
Ponencia201465 nm technology for HEP: Status and perspectiveProceedings of Science
Ponencia2014Hunting the s-process branching points 147Pm, 171Tm and 204Tl at CERNProceedings of Science
Ponencia2013Experiments with the double solenoid system RIBRASProceedings of Science
Ponencia2013Novel dual single sided silicon strip detector chip for radiotherapy verificationProceedings of Science
Ponencia2012Beta-delayed neutron emission measurements around the third r-process abundance peakProceedings of Science
Ponencia2012Neutron induced reactions for the s process, and the case of Fe and Ni isotopesProceedings of Science
Ponencia2011A CVD diamond detector for (n, a) cross-section measurementsProceedings of Science
Ponencia2010Measurement of the 24,25,26Mg(n, γ) reaction cross-section at n-TOFProceedings of Science
Ponencia2010New measurement of the astrophysically important reaction 62Ni(n,γ) at n-TOFProceedings of Science
Ponencia2010Reaction mechanisms in collisions induced by halo and weakly bound nuclei around the Coulomb barrierProceedings of Science
Ponencia2008Hadronic physics in Geant4: improvements and status for LHC startProceedings of Science
Ponencia2008Measurement of the 197Au(n,γ) cross section at n-TOF, - A step forward towards a new standard for capture cross section measurementsProceedings of Science
Ponencia2008Measurements of 90,91,92,93,94,96Zr neutron capture cross sections at the n-TOF facility at CERNProceedings of Science
Ponencia2007Application of Photon Strength Functions to (n,) measurements with the n-TOF TACProceedings of Science
Ponencia2007Study of the photon strength function of 152SM in resonance neutron capture at n-TOFProceedings of Science
Ponencia2006Analysis of the 16O(d,p)17O and 16O(d,n) 17F transfer reactions to determine astrophysical direct capture cross sectionsProceedings of Science
Ponencia2006Astrophysical implications of the 139La(n,γ) and 151Sm(n,γ) cross section measured at n-TOFProceedings of Science
Ponencia2006Experimental challenges for the Re/Os clockProceedings of Science
Ponencia2006Measurement of the 90,91,92, 94,96Zr neutron capture cross sections at n-TOFProceedings of Science
Ponencia2006Neutron capture cross section measurements for nuclear astrophysics at n-TOFProceedings of Science
Ponencia2006Neutron capture measurements on the s-process termination isotopes lead and bismuthProceedings of Science