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Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024A Novel System to Selective Tagging of Sinorhizobium fredii Symbiotic PlasmidsMethods in molecular biology
Artículo2024Construction of a Mycoviral Infectious Clone for Reverse Genetics in Botrytis cinerea.Methods in molecular biology
Artículo2024Genetic Association Studies in Host-Pathogen Interaction AnalysisMethods in molecular biology
Artículo2024Measuring of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Concentration by Nephelometry or TurbidimetryMethods in molecular biology
Artículo2024Methods for Studying Swimming and Surface Motilities in Rhizobia.Methods in molecular biology
Artículo2024Microscope Subcellular Localization of Plant-Interacting Bacterial Effectors in Animal Cell CulturesMethods in molecular biology
Artículo2024Nod Factor Lipopolysaccharide Purification to Study Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria Symbiosis with LegumesMethods in molecular biology
Editorial2024PrefaceMethods in molecular biology
Capítulo2023Cyclic multiplex fluorescent immunohistochemistry protocol to phenotype glial cells in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded human brain sectionsSignal transduction immunohistochemistry: methods and protocols
Artículo2023Using ChromEvol to determine the mode of chromosomal evolutionMethods in molecular biology
Artículo2023Visualization and Quantification of Drosophila Larval OvariesMethods in molecular biology
Capítulo2022Cyclization and self-assembly of cyclic peptidesPeptide macrocycles: methods and protocols
Capítulo2021(Immuno)histological analysis of Ewing sarcomaEwing sarcoma: methods and protocols
Capítulo2021Chemotropic assay for testing fungal response to strigolactones and strigolactone-like compoundsStrigolactones: methods and protocols
Artículo2021Detection of DSBs in C. elegans MeiosisMethods in molecular biology
Capítulo2021Generation of random luxCDABE transcriptional fusions in the genome of salmonella entericaSalmonella: methods and protocols
Capítulo2021Molecular approaches to diagnosis in Ewing sarcoma: targeted RNA sequencingEwing sarcoma: methods and protocols
Editorial2021PrefaceMethods in molecular biology
Capítulo2021Tissue preservation and FFPE samples: optimized nucleic acids isolation in Ewing sarcomaEwing sarcoma: methods and protocols
Capítulo2021Use of X-ray computed tomography for monitoring tissue permeation processesCryopreservation and freeze-drying protocols
Capítulo2021Western blot analysis in Ewing sarcomaEwing sarcoma: methods and protocols
Capítulo2020Applications of Visible Spectroscopy and Color Measurements in the Assessments of Carotenoid Levels in FoodsPlant and Food Carotenoids: Methods and Protocols
Artículo2020Modulation of Activity of a Carotenoid Pathway Through the Use of the TeT-on Regulatory System: Application in the Fungus Fusarium fujikuroiPlant and Food Carotenoids: Methods and Protocols
Capítulo2019Simultaneous recording of subcellular Ca 2+ signals from the cytosol and sarco/endoplasmic reticulum: compartmentalized dye loading, imaging, and analysisCalcium-binding proteins of the EF-hand superfamily: from basics to medical applications
Capítulo2018HPLC Analysis of Carotenoids in Neurosporaxanthin-Producing FungiMicrobial Carotenoids: Methods and Protocols
Artículo2013Quantification of active caspase-3 and active caspase-8 in microglia cells.Methods in molecular biology