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Publicaciones de la editorial CURRENT BIOLOGY LTD

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Revisión2021New approaches and techniques for bacterial cell wall analysisCURRENT OPINION IN MICROBIOLOGY
Revisión2018Notch after cleavageCURRENT OPINION IN CELL BIOLOGY
Revisión2017Evolution of photoperiod sensing in plants and algaeCURRENT OPINION IN PLANT BIOLOGY
Revisión2017Techniques for the experimental investigation of the protein coronaCURRENT OPINION IN BIOTECHNOLOGY
Revisión2015DNA methylation in bacteria: from the methyl group to the methylomeCURRENT OPINION IN MICROBIOLOGY
Revisión2015Microbial diversity of hypersaline environments: a metagenomic approachCURRENT OPINION IN MICROBIOLOGY
Revisión2012Solvent tolerance in Gram-negative bacteriaCURRENT OPINION IN BIOTECHNOLOGY
Editorial2011Regulation at multiple levels: themes and variationsCURRENT OPINION IN MICROBIOLOGY
Revisión2008Clocks and switches: bacterial gene regulation by DNA adenine methylationCURRENT OPINION IN MICROBIOLOGY
Revisión2006Enzyme promiscuity: evolutionary and mechanistic aspectsCurrent Opinion in Chemical Biology
Revisión2005Cotranscriptional mRNP assembly: from the DNA to the nuclear poreCURRENT OPINION IN CELL BIOLOGY
Revisión2004Diverse mechanisms regulate stem cell self-renewalCURRENT OPINION IN CELL BIOLOGY
Revisión2003Oxygen and glucose sensing by carotid body glomus cellsCURRENT OPINION IN NEUROBIOLOGY