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Publicaciones en la fuente Applied Mathematics Letters

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023Continuity with respect to the Hurst parameter of solutions to stochastic evolution equations driven by H-valued fractional Brownian motionApplied Mathematics Letters
Artículo2023Second order error bounds for POD-ROM methods based on first order divided differencesApplied Mathematics Letters
Artículo2023Uniform upper bound for the number of limit cycles of planar piecewise linear differential systems with two zones separated by a straight lineApplied Mathematics Letters
Artículo2022Study of a homoclinic canard explosion from a degenerate centerApplied Mathematics Letters
Artículo2020Asymptotic expansions for a family of non-generic canards using parametric representationApplied Mathematics Letters
Artículo2020Strong trajectory statistical solutions and Liouville type equation for dissipative Euler equationsApplied Mathematics Letters
Artículo2019Weak solutions for the Oseen system in 2D and when the given velocity is not sufficiently regularApplied Mathematics Letters
Artículo2013A Bochev-Dohrmann-Gunzburger stabilization method for the primitive equations of the oceanApplied Mathematics Letters
Artículo2012Combinatorial structures and Lie algebras of upper triangular matricesApplied Mathematics Letters
Artículo2012Graphs with maximum size and lower bounded girthApplied Mathematics Letters
Artículo2011On the lambda '-optimality in graphs with odd girth g and even girth hApplied Mathematics Letters
Artículo2010On some generalized contraction type mappingsApplied Mathematics Letters
Artículo2009FJ-Invex control problemApplied Mathematics Letters
Artículo2008Stability of some turbulent vertical models for the ocean mixing boundary layerApplied Mathematics Letters
Artículo2007A comparisons of three turbulence models with an application to the west pacific warm poolApplied Mathematics Letters
Artículo2007Trees having an even or quasi even degree sequence are gracefulApplied Mathematics Letters
Artículo2005On the uniqueness and regularity of the Primitive Equations imposing additional anisotropic regularityApplied Mathematics Letters
Artículo2005On the uniqueness of positive solution of an elliptic equationApplied Mathematics Letters
Artículo2001Chebychev polynomials in a speech recognition modelApplied Mathematics Letters
Artículo1999First-order approximation for Canard periodic orbits in a vanderPol electronic oscillatorApplied Mathematics Letters