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Publicaciones en la fuente FRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Editorial2023Editorial: Autophagy in inflammation related diseases, volume IIFRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY
Editorial2023Editorial: Targeting inflammation to prevent complications in strokeFRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2023Inhibition of adenovirus transport from the endosome to the cell nucleus by rotenoneFRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2023Polypharmacy and associated factors: a gender perspective in the elderly Spanish population (2011–2020)FRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2022Physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modelling and dosing evaluation of gentamicin in neonates using PhysPKFRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2022Predictors of inappropriate antimicrobial prescription: Eight-year point prevalence surveys experience in a third level hospital in SpainFRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2021Aripiprazole as a candidate treatment of COVID-19 identified through genomic analysisFRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2021Galectin-3 deletion reduces LPS and acute colitis-induced pro-inflammatory microglial activation in the ventral mesencephalonFRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2019Pleiotropic Clostridioides difficile Cyclophilin PpiB Controls Cysteine-Tolerance, Toxin Production, the Central Metabolism and Multiple Stress ResponsesFRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2017Docetaxel-Loaded Nanoparticles Assembled from beta-Cyclodextrin/Calixarene Giant Surfactants: Physicochemical Properties and Cytotoxic Effect in Prostate Cancer and Glioblastoma CellsFRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY
Artículo2016Killer Immunoglobulin-Like Receptor Profiles Are not Associated with Risk of Amoxicillin-Clavulanate-Induced Liver Injury in Spanish PatientsFRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY
Revisión2016Modulation of Autophagy by Sorafenib: Effects on Treatment ResponseFRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY
Revisión2016STIM and Orail Variants in Store-Operated Calcium EntryFRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY