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Artículo2024A Multicenter Prospective Evaluation of the Benefits of Two Advanced Hybrid Closed-Loop Systems in Glucose Control and Patient-Reported Outcomes in a Real-world SettingDIABETES CARE
Artículo2024Optimal dose and type of physical activity to improve glycemic control in people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysis.DIABETES CARE
Artículo2022Optimal Number of Steps per Day to Prevent All-Cause Mortality in People With Prediabetes and Diabetes.DIABETES CARE
Artículo2021Intralymphatic glutamic acid decarboxylase with vitamin D supplementation in recent-onset type 1 diabetes: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled phase IIb trialDIABETES CARE
Artículo2020Randomized study to evaluate the impact of telemedicine care in patients with type 1 diabetes with multiple doses of insulin and suboptimal HbA1c in Andalusia (Spain): PLATEDIAN studyDIABETES CARE
Artículo2013Parenteral nutrition-associated hyperglycemia in non-critically III inpatients increases the risk of in-hospital mortality (multicenter study)DIABETES CARE
Artículo2007Monounsaturated fat-rich diet prevents central body fat distribution and decreases postprandial adiponectin expression induced by a carbohydrate-rich diet in insulin-resistant subjectsDIABETES CARE
Letter2001Association among hyperinsulinemia family history of diabetes, and diminutive stature in normoglycemic premenopausal womenDIABETES CARE
Letter2001Diabetic ketoacidosis associated with orlistat treatment [1]DIABETES CARE
Corrección1999Erratum: Increased plasma pancreastatin-like levels in gestational diabetes (Diabetes Care (1998) 21 (1951-1954))DIABETES CARE
Artículo1998Increased plasma pancreastatin-like levels in gestational diabetes - Correlation with catecholamine levelsDIABETES CARE