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Publicaciones en la fuente OCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024Light traps as an exploratory tool in light pollution studies: Assessment of vulnerable species and their migratory patternsOCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT
Revisión2023A review of biodiversity research in ports: let's not overlook everyday nature!OCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2023Children's interaction with ecosystem services in a mangrove forest: Perceptions of fisherfolks on the involvement of minors in fishing activities in the Gulf of Fonseca in HondurasOCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2023Estimating the impact of ship strikes on the Mediterranean fin whale subpopulationOCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2023The hyperturbid mesotidal Guadalquivir estuary during an extreme turbidity event: Identifying potential management strategiesOCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2021Diversity, community structure and habitat use of molluscs in marinas from the Iberian Peninsula and Northern AfricaOCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2020Developing a beach erosion sensitivity indicator using relational spatial databases and Analytic Hierarchy ProcessOCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2019Integration of the social dimension into marine spatial planning – Theoretical aspects and recommendationsOCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2018A tale of two coasts: Networks of artisanal boat skippers in a fishing reserve in the Gulf of Cadiz and a recreational port in Islas BalearesOCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2018Food security as a security issue. A perspective from maritime policy and maritime security initiativesOCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2017Sedimentary processes in the Isla Cristina salt-marshes: Geomorphological changes of landscapeOCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2016The effects of SCUBA diving on the endemic Mediterranean coral Astroides calycularisOCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2013Intermodal connections at Spanish ports and their role in capturing hinterland trafficOCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT
Revisión2013The extended continental shelf: A geographical perspective of the implementation of article 76 of UNCLOSOCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2010Political coordination costs in the Spanish port devolution process: A noteOCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT
Editorial2007EditorialOCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo1997Regions at sea: The administrative region as a base for an alternative fisheries management system for SpainOCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo1995Atlantic archipelagic regions: self-government and ocean management in the Azores, Madeira and Canary IslandsOCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo1992The Spanish Shores Act and its implications for regional coastal managementOCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT