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Artículo2024A feasible proposal for energy-efficient roof retrofitting in southern European obsolete residential neighborhoodsBUILDINGS
Artículo2024A work breakdown structure for estimating building life cycle cost aligned with sustainable assessment-application to functional costsBUILDINGS
Artículo2024Acoustic ambience and simulation of the bullring of Ronda (Spain)BUILDINGS
Artículo2024Application of environmental and biological frequency indicators to assess the Serpula lacrymans fungus in wooden dwellingsBUILDINGS
Artículo2024Artificial neural network-based model for assessing the whole-body vibration of vehicle driversBUILDINGS
Artículo2024Cultivating Sustainable Construction: Stakeholder Insights Driving Circular Economy Innovation for Inclusive Resource EquityBUILDINGS
Artículo2024Double-skin facades for thermal comfort and energy efficiency in Mediterranean climate buildings: rehabilitating vulnerable neighbourhoodsBUILDINGS
Artículo2024Energy Consumption in Higher Education Institutions: A Bibliometric Analysis Focused on Scientific TrendsBUILDINGS
Artículo2024Psychological Distress and Work Engagement of Construction Workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Differential Study by SexBUILDINGS
Artículo2024Sustainability evaluation of residential buildings based on the footprint family: application to case studies in AndalusiaBUILDINGS
Artículo2023A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment and Costing of Lighting Systems for Environmental Design and Construction of Sustainable RoadsBUILDINGS
Artículo2023A new principle for building simulation of radiative heat transfer in the presence of spherical surfacesBUILDINGS
Artículo2023Analysis of Performance Strategies for the Preservation of Heritage Buildings: The Case of Puerto de Santa MaríaBUILDINGS
Artículo2023Analysis of Variables Affecting Indoor Thermal Comfort in Mediterranean Climates Using Machine LearningBUILDINGS
Artículo2023Degradation Model Applied to the Plasterwork of the Palace of Pedro I (Royal Alcazar of Seville)BUILDINGS
Artículo2023Development of a plug-in to support sustainability assessment in the decision-making of a building envelope refurbishmentBUILDINGS
Artículo2023Experimental and Numerical Flexural-Torsional Performance of Thin-Walled Open-Ended Steel Vertical Pile Foundations Subjected to Lateral LoadsBUILDINGS
Artículo2023Full-Scale Assessment of Seismic and Wind Load Performance in the Design of a Flexible Solar-Shading Double-Skin FaçadeBUILDINGS
Artículo2023How do different methods for generating future weather data affect building performance simulations? A comparative analysis of Southern EuropeBUILDINGS
Artículo2023Impact of Daylighting on Visual Comfort and on the Biological Clock for Teleworkers in Residential BuildingsBUILDINGS
Artículo2023Implementation of BIM virtual models in industry for the graphical coordination of engineering and architecture projectsBUILDINGS
Artículo2023Life Cycle Assessment of Sustainable Road Networks: Current State and Future DirectionsBUILDINGS
Artículo2023Predictive model of clothing insulation in naturally ventilated educational buildingsBUILDINGS
Revisión2023Residential energy consumption-a computational bibliometric analysisBUILDINGS
Artículo2023Sustainable retrofitting criteria in heritage buildings: case study in Seville (Spain)BUILDINGS
Artículo2023Thermal performance assessment of Burkina Faso's housing typologiesBUILDINGS
Artículo2023Towards a healthy architecture: a new paradigm in the design and construction of buildingsBUILDINGS
Artículo2022Architectural characteristics of different configurations based on new geometric determinations for the conoidBUILDINGS
Artículo2022Architectural significance of the seokguram buddhist grotto in Gyeongju (Korea)BUILDINGS
Artículo2022Assessment of integrated solutions for the combined energy efficiency improvement and seismic strengthening of existing URM buildingsBUILDINGS
Artículo2022Development of a BIM-based Framework Using Reverberation Time (BFRT) as a tool for assessing and improving building acoustic environmentBUILDINGS
Artículo2022HBIM Methodology to Achieve a Balance between Protection and Habitability: The Case Study of the Monastery of Santa Clara in Belalcazar, SpainBUILDINGS
Artículo2022Improvement options of a social housing prototype in different climate zones in EcuadorBUILDINGS
Artículo2022On-Site Risk Assessment Methodology of Historic Timber Structures: The Case Study of Santa Cruz ChurchBUILDINGS
Revisión2022Recent Developments and Challenges of 3D-Printed Construction: A Review of Research FrontsBUILDINGS
Artículo2022Shade and thermal comfort in courtyards: experimental versus simulation resultsBUILDINGS
Artículo2022Solar Radiation in Architectural Projects as a Key Design Factor for the Well-Being of Persons with Alzheimer’s DiseaseBUILDINGS
Artículo2022Taxonomy of Defects in Auxiliary Elements of Facades and Its Relation with Lawsuits Filed by Property OwnersBUILDINGS
Artículo2022The maintenance of monuments as the main trigger to negative feelings in touristsBUILDINGS
Artículo2022The Search for Solar Architecture in Asia in the Works of the Architect Antonin Raymond: A Protracted Balance between Culture and NatureBUILDINGS
Artículo2022Thermal perception in naturally ventilated university buildings in Spain during the cold seasonBUILDINGS
Artículo2022Unknown suns: László Hudec, Antonin Raymond and the rising of a modern architecture for Eastern AsiaBUILDINGS
Artículo2021Assessment of color discrimination of different light sourcesBUILDINGS
Artículo2019A Ferrocement Patent for Emergency Housing: The Technological HutBUILDINGS
Artículo2019Action Protocols for Seismic Evaluation of Structures and Damage Restoration of Residential Buildings in Andalusia (Spain): "IT-Sismo" APPBUILDINGS
Artículo2019CO2 concentration and occupants' symptoms in naturally ventilated schools in Mediterranean climateBUILDINGS
Artículo2017Monitoring a pre-normative multi-family housing case-study in a mediterranean climateBUILDINGS
Artículo2011Retrofitting of energy habitability in social housing: a case study in a Mediterranean climateBUILDINGS