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Artículo2023Emotional loneliness, suicidal ideation, and alexithymia in adolescents who commit child-to-parent violenceJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2023Evaluating the effectiveness of a psychological and adventure-based multicomponent therapeutic program for victims of intimate partner violence: a pilot study.JOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2023Public stigmatization of women victims of intimate partner violence by professionals working in the judicial system and law enforcement agencies in SpainJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2023Sending of unwanted dick pics as a modality of sexual cyber-violence: an exploratory study of its emotional impact and reactions in womenJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2022Beyond cyberbullying: investigating when and how cybervictimization predicts suicidal ideationJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2022Is this Whatsapp conversation aggressive? Adolescents' perception of cyber dating aggression.JOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2022Predictive factors of mental health in survivors of intimate partner violence in ChileJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2022Psychosocial separation and women’s disengagement from prosecutions against abusive intimate partners in SpainJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2022The Role of Interpersonal Sexual Objectification in Heterosexual Intimate Partner Violence From Perspectives of Perceivers and TargetsJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2022Workplace bullying, emotional exhaustion, and partner social undermining: a weekly diary studyJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2021Development and validation of the romantic love myths questionnaireJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2021Digital intimate partner violence among Peruvian youths: validation of an instrument and a theoretical proposalJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2021Effect of victimization and perceived support on maintenance of dating relationships among college students in Guadalajara, MexicoJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2021Psychometric properties of the dating violence questionnaire: reviewing the evidence in Chilean youthsJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2020Elder abuse in the Iberian Peninsula and Bolivia: a multicountry comparative studyJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2019Forgiveness and loneliness in peer-victimized adolescentsJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2019I Love You but I Cyberbully You: The Role of Hostile SexismJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2019Interpersonal Sexual Objectification Experiences: Psychological and Social Well-Being Consequences for WomenJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2018Male Peer Support to Hostile Sexist Attitudes Influences Rape ProclivityJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2018Workplace Incivility as Modern Sexual PrejudiceJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2015Physical Dating Violence in Spain and the United Kingdom and the Importance of Relationship QualityJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2014Benevolent Sexist Ideology Attributed to an Abusive Partner Decreases Women's Active Coping Responses to Acts of Sexual ViolenceJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2014Identifying Victims of Workplace Bullying by Integrating Traditional Estimation Approaches Into a Latent Class Cluster ModelJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE
Artículo2010Exposure to Sexist Humor and Rape Proclivity: The Moderator Effect of Aversiveness RatingsJOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE