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Publicaciones en la fuente Nuclear Materials and Energy

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Artículo2023Prospects of core–edge integrated no-ELM and small-ELM scenarios for future fusion devicesNuclear Materials and Energy
Revisión2021Multiscale modelling for fusion and fission materials: The M4F projectNuclear Materials and Energy
Revisión2021Physical mechanisms and parameters for models of microstructure evolution under irradiation in Fe alloys – Part I: Pure FeNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2020Determination of retained tritium from ILW dust particles in JETNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2020Dose rates and specific activities of copper based materials irradiated during the TT plasma operation at JETNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2019An assessment of nitrogen concentrations from spectroscopic measurements in the JET and ASDEX upgrade divertorNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2019Beryllium global erosion and deposition at JET-ILW simulated with ERO2.0Nuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2019Comparison of the structure of the plasma-facing surface and tritium accumulation in beryllium tiles from JET ILW campaigns 2011-2012 and 2013-2014Nuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2019Deposition of impurity metals during campaigns with the JET ITER-like WallNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2019Determination of tungsten sources in the JET-ILW divertor by spectroscopic imaging in the presence of a strong plasma continuumNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2019Dynamic modelling of local fuel inventory and desorption in the whole tokamak vacuum vessel for auto-consistent plasma-wall interaction simulationsNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2019First mirror test in JET for ITER: Complete overview after three ILW campaignsNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2019Impact of ICRF on the scrape-off layer and on plasma wall interactions: from present experiments to fusion reactorNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2019Improved ERO modelling of beryllium erosion at ITER upper first wall panel using JET-ILW and PISCES-B experienceNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2019Investigation of deuterium trapping and release in the JET divertor during the third ILW campaign using TDSNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2019Investigation of deuterium trapping and release in the JET ITER-like wall divertor using TDS and TMAPNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2019Modelling of the effect of ELMs on fuel retention at the bulk W divertor of JETNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2019Modelling of tungsten erosion and deposition in the divertor of JET-ILW in comparison to experimental findingsNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2019On the ion and electron temperature recovery after the ELM-crash at ASDEX upgradeNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2019RF sheath modeling of experimentally observed plasma surface interactions with the JET ITER-Like AntennaNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2019SOLPS 5.0 simulations of the high-field side divertor detachment of L-mode plasmas in ASDEX upgrade with convection-dominated radial SOL transportNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2019Stationarity of I-mode operation and I-mode divertor heat fluxes on the ASDEX Upgrade tokamakNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2019The effect of beryllium oxide on retention in JET ITER-like wall tilesNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2019Tritium distributions on W-coated divertor tiles used in the third JET ITER-like wall campaignNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2019Using EDGE2D-EIRENE to simulate the effect of impurity seeding and fueling on the upstream electron separatrix temperatureNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2018Heat flux analysis of Type-I ELM impact on a sloped, protruding surface in the JET bulk tungsten divertorNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2018Identification of BeO and BeOxDy in melted zones of the JET Be limiter tiles: Raman study using comparison with laboratory samplesNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2018MEMOS 3D modelling of ELM-induced transient melt damage on an inclined tungsten surface in the ASDEX Upgrade outer divertorNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2018On the role of finite grid extent in SOLPS-ITER edge plasma simulations for JET H-mode discharges with metallic wallNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2018Tritium retention characteristics in dust particles in JET with ITER-like wallNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017An analytical expression for ion velocities at the wall including the sheath electric field and surface biasing for erosion modeling at JET ILWNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017Assessment of erosion, deposition and fuel retention in the JET-ILW divertor from ion beam analysis dataNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017Beryllium film deposition in cavity samples in remote areas of the JET divertor during the 2011-2012 ITER-like wall campaignNuclear Materials and Energy
Revisión2017Comparative H-mode density limit studies in JET and AUGNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017Deuterium retention in the divertor tiles of JET ITER-Like wallNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017EDGE2D-EIRENE simulations of the impact of poloidal flux expansion on the radiative divertor performance in JETNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017ELM divertor peak energy fluence scaling to ITER with data from JET, MAST and ASDEX upgradeNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017Energy balance in JETNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017Erosion at the inner wall of JET during the discharge campaign 2013-2014Nuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017Expanding the role of impurity spectroscopy for investigating the physics of high-Z dissipative divertorsNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017High power neon seeded JET discharges: Experiments and simulationsNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017Main chamber wall plasma loads in JET-ITER-like wall at high radiated fractionNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017Measurement of N+ flows in the high-field side scrape-off layer of ASDEX upgrade with different degrees of inner divertor detachmentNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017Overview of the JET ITER-like wall divertorNuclear Materials and Energy
Revisión2017Plasma edge and plasma-wall interaction modelling: Lessons learned from metallic devicesNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017Plasma impact on diagnostic mirrors in JETNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017Possible influence of near SOL plasma on the H-mode power thresholdNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017Power exhaust by SOL and pedestal radiation at ASDEX Upgrade and JETNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017Progress in reducing ICRF-specific impurity release in ASDEX upgrade and JETNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017Quartz micro-balance results of pulse-resolved erosion/deposition in the JET-ILW divertorNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017Structure, tritium depth profile and desorption from 'plasma-facing' beryllium materials of ITER-Like-Wall at JETNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017Studies of dust from JET with the ITER-Like Wall: Composition and internal structureNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2017The isotope effect on divertor conditions and neutral pumping in horizontal divertor configurations in JET-ILW Ohmic plasmasNuclear Materials and Energy
Artículo2016Improved ERO modelling for spectroscopy of physically and chemically assisted eroded beryllium from the JET-ILWNuclear Materials and Energy