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Publicaciones en la fuente BMC MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024Effect of using a kinetic wedge during the hallux dorsiflexion resistance test in asymptomatic individualsBMC MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS
Artículo2022Digital pain extent is associated with pain intensity but not with pain-related cognitions and disability in people with chronic musculoskeletal pain: a cross-sectional studyBMC MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS
Artículo2020Effects of exercise combined with whole body vibration in patients with patellofemoral pain syndrome: a randomised-controlled clinical trialBMC MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS
Artículo2019Footwear fit in schoolchildren of southern Spain: a population studyBMC MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS
Artículo2016Influence of high glucose and advanced glycation end-products (ages) levels in human osteoblast-like cells gene expressionBMC MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS
Artículo2015Relationship between the presence of abnormal hallux interphalangeal angle and risk of ingrown hallux nail: a case control studyBMC MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS
Revisión2014Relationship between chronic pathologies of the supraspinatus tendon and the long head of the biceps tendon: systematic reviewBMC MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS
Artículo2013Differences in osteogenic and apoptotic genes between osteoporotic and osteoarthritic patientsBMC MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS
Artículo2012Ferric carboxymaltose with or without erythropoietin for the prevention of red-cell transfusions in the perioperative period of osteoporotic hip fractures: a randomized contolled trial. The PAHFRAC-01 projectBMC MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS
Artículo2009DAS-28-based EULAR response and HAQ improvement in rheumatoid arthritis patients switching between TNF antagonistsBMC MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS