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Publicaciones en la fuente APPLIED MATERIALS TODAY

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024Full potential of microwave-assisted processes: From synthesis of high-quality MIL-101(Fe) catalyst to furfural valorizationAPPLIED MATERIALS TODAY
Artículo2024Tunable architectures of electrospun cellulose acetate phthalate applied as thickeners in green semisolid lubricantsAPPLIED MATERIALS TODAY
Artículo2022A multidisciplinary perspective on the latest trends in artificial cartilage fabrication to mimic real tissueAPPLIED MATERIALS TODAY
Artículo2022A novel Multi‐Phase Flash Sintering (MPFS) technique for 3D complex‐shaped ceramicsAPPLIED MATERIALS TODAY
Artículo2022CO2 methanation on Ni/YMn1-xAlxO3 perovskite catalystsAPPLIED MATERIALS TODAY
Artículo2021Ni/YMnO3 perovskite catalyst for CO2 methanationAPPLIED MATERIALS TODAY
Artículo2020Low temperature synthesis of transparent conductive boron doped diamond films for optoelectronic applications: Role of hydrogen on the electrical propertiesAPPLIED MATERIALS TODAY
Artículo2020Robust anti-icing superhydrophobic aluminum alloy surfaces by grafting fluorocarbon molecular chainsAPPLIED MATERIALS TODAY
Artículo2020Three-phase hybrid facilitated transport hollow fiber membranes for enhanced CO2 separationAPPLIED MATERIALS TODAY
Artículo2020Tuning the structural, optical and photoluminescence properties of hybrid perovskite quantum dots by A-site dopingAPPLIED MATERIALS TODAY
Artículo2019Aqueous stable luminescent perovskite-polymer compositesAPPLIED MATERIALS TODAY
Artículo2019Topology and polarity of dislocation cores dictate the mechanical strength of monolayer MoS 2APPLIED MATERIALS TODAY