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Publicaciones en la fuente Physica. B, Condensed Matter

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023The dispersion of carbon nanotubes in composite materials studied by computer simulation of Small Angle ScatteringPhysica. B, Condensed Matter
Artículo2022Seebeck and Nernst effects in topological insulator: the case of strained HgTePhysica. B, Condensed Matter
Artículo2021Doping the permanent magnet CeFe11Ti with Co and Ni using ab-initio density functional methodsPhysica. B, Condensed Matter
Artículo2019Symmetry and thermodynamics of tellurium vacancies in cadmium telluridePhysica. B, Condensed Matter
Artículo2014Electronic structure of CdTe using GGA plus USICPhysica. B, Condensed Matter
Artículo2014Mean field magnetization of gapped anisotropic multipletPhysica. B, Condensed Matter
Artículo2010Lasing transition (F-4(3/2)-> I-4(11/2)) at 1.06 mu m in neodymium oxide doped lithium boro tellurite glassPhysica. B, Condensed Matter
Artículo2009Quantum entanglement in elliptical quantum corralsPhysica. B, Condensed Matter
Artículo1997Arrangement of surfactant molecules in the internal surfaces of layered materialsPhysica. B, Condensed Matter
Artículo1997Disorder effects on glassy dynamics: Separation of orientational and positional correlationsPhysica. B, Condensed Matter
Artículo1997New scattering techniques to characterise the structure of solid monolayers adsorbed from condensed phases to solid substratesPhysica. B, Condensed Matter
Artículo1995Design of an exafs cell for measurements of ionic-solutions in a wide-range of concentrations and in highly acidic mediaPhysica. B, Condensed Matter
Artículo1995EXAFS investigation of the 2nd hydration shell of metal-cations in dilute aqueous-solutionsPhysica. B, Condensed Matter
Artículo1995In-situ study by xas of the sulfuration of the pt and ptre/al2o3 systemsPhysica. B, Condensed Matter
Artículo1995Structure of lu3+ and la3+ ions intercalated within layered clays as determined by exafsPhysica. B, Condensed Matter
Artículo1995XAS study of V2O5/Al2O3 catalysts doped with rare earth oxidesPhysica. B, Condensed Matter
Artículo1989A point-charge model for the lattice dynamics of naphthalene and anthracenePhysica. B, Condensed Matter
Artículo1989Exafs xanes studies of the influence of the drying pretreatments on the reducibility of pt/al2o3 and pt-re/al2o3 catalystsPhysica. B, Condensed Matter