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Artículo2024Understanding the Dynamics of Inflammatory Cytokines in Endodontic Diagnosis: A Systematic ReviewDiagnostics
Artículo2023Application of Ultrasound Scores (Subjective Assessment, Simple Rules Risk Assessment, ADNEX Model, O-RADS) to Adnexal Masses of Difficult ClassificationDiagnostics
Artículo2023Comparative study of the impact of human leukocyte antigens on renal transplant survival in Andalusia and the United StatesDiagnostics
Artículo2023Complications arising from dental trauma incurred from falls involving geriatric patients: a case reportDiagnostics
Artículo2023Evaluation of Celligent® biomimetic water gradient contact lens effects on ocular surface and subjective symptomsDiagnostics
Artículo2023Tear film dynamics between low and high Contact Lens Dry Eye Disease Questionnaire (CLDEQ-8) score with a lehfilcon a silicone hydrogel water gradient contact lens: a non-invasive methodology approach.Diagnostics
Artículo2023Ultrasound features and ultrasound scores in the differentiation between benign and malignant adnexal masses.Diagnostics
Artículo2023Upraising Stenotrophomonas maltophilia in Critically Ill Patients: A New Enemy?Diagnostics
Artículo2022A reassessment of the barrier effect of the physis against metaphyseal osteosarcoma: a comprehensive pathological study with its radiological and clinical follow-up correlationsDiagnostics
Artículo2022Assessment from a biopsychosocial approach of flight-related neck pain in fighter pilots of Spanish air force: an observational studyDiagnostics
Artículo2022Features of extrinsic plantar muscles in patients with plantar fasciitis by ultrasound imaging: a retrospective case control researchDiagnostics
Artículo2022Mandibular radiolucencies: a differential diagnosis of a rare tumorDiagnostics
Artículo2022MNCD: A New Tool for Classifying Parkinson’s Disease in Daily Clinical PracticeDiagnostics
Artículo2022Motor fluctuations development is associated with non-mostor symptoms burden progression in Parkinson’s disease patients: a 2-year follow-up studyDiagnostics
Artículo2022Pseudopterygium: An Algorithm Approach Based on the Current EvidenceDiagnostics
Artículo2021A genome-wide association study on liver stiffness changes during hepatitis c virus infection cureDiagnostics
Artículo2021Characteristics and Predictors of Progression Interstitial Lung Disease in Rheumatoid Arthritis Compared with Other Autoimmune Disease: A Retrospective Cohort StudyDiagnostics
Artículo2021Detection of changes on parameters related to heart rate variability after applying current interferential therapy in subjects with non-specific low back painDiagnostics
Artículo2021Diplopia is frequent and associated with motor and non-motor severity in Parkinson’s disease: results from the COPPADIS cohort at 2-year follow-upDiagnostics
Revisión2021Exercise-based muscle development programmes and their effectiveness in the functional recovery of rotator cuff tendinopathy: a systematic reviewDiagnostics
Revisión2021How to assess shoulder functionality: a systematic review of existing validated outcome measuresDiagnostics
Artículo2021Microstructural and strength changes in trabecular bone in elderly patients with type 2 diabetes mellitusDiagnostics
Artículo2021Muscular echovariation as a new biomarker for the classification of soleus muscle pathology: a cross-sectional studyDiagnostics
Artículo2021Predictors of loss of functional independence in Parkinson’s disease: results from the coppadis cohort at 2-year follow-up and comparison with a control groupDiagnostics
Artículo2020Concurrent validity of digital vascular auscultation for the assessment of blood flow obliteration on the radial artery in healthy subjectsDiagnostics
Artículo2020Cross-cultural adaptation of the Dance Functional Outcome Survey (DFOS) for Spanish dancersDiagnostics
Artículo2020Timely-automatic procedure for estimating the endocardial limits of the left ventricle assessed echocardiographically in clinical practiceDiagnostics
Revisión2019Visceral origin: An underestimated source of neck pain. A systematic scoping reviewDiagnostics
Artículo2017Salivary Immune and Metabolic Marker Analysis (SIMMA): a diagnostic test to predict caries riskDiagnostics