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Publicaciones en la fuente SYMMETRY-BASEL

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023Design and development of a geometric calculator in CATIASYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2023Design and development of a macro to compare sections of planes to parts using programming with visual basic for applications in CATIASYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2023Intersection and flattening of surfaces in 3D models through Computer-extended Descriptive Geometry (CeDG)SYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2023Nuclear Shape-Phase Transitions and the Sextic OscillatorSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2022Methodologies to determine geometrical similarity patterns as experimental models for shapes in architectural heritageSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2022Numerical Model Validation for Detection of Surface Displacements over Twin Tunnels from Metro Line 1 in the Historical Area of Seville (Spain)SYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2021A generalized rayleigh family of distributions based on the modified slash modelSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2021An improved crow search algorithm applied to the phase swapping problem in asymmetric distribution systemsSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2021Comparison of computer extended descriptive geometry (CeDG) with CAD in the modeling of sheet metal patternsSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2021Design and development of sheet-metal elbows using programming with visual basic for applications in CATIASYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2021Engineering graphics for thermal assessment: 3D thermal data visualisation based on infrared thermography, GIS and 3D point cloud processing softwareSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2021Orbital hypernormal formsSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2021Review of shape phase transition studies for Bose-Fermi systems: the effect of the odd-particle on the bosonic coreSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2021The Enhanced-Earned Value Management (E-EVM) Model: A Proposal for the Aerospace IndustrySYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2020A symmetric banzhaf cooperation value for games with a proximity relation among the agentsSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2020Algebraic DVR approaches applied to describe the stark effectSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2020Neural networks in narrow stock marketsSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2020Solutions of optimization problems on hadamard manifolds with Lipschitz functionsSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2020Suitability study of structure-from-motion for the digitisation of architectural (Heritage) spaces to apply divergent photograph collectionSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2019Basket-handle arch and its optimum symmetry generation as a structural element and keeping the aesthetic point of viewSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2019Detection of communities within the multibody system dynamics network and analysis of their relationsSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2019Exploiting the symmetry of integral transforms for featuring anuran callsSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2019Exploring symmetry of binary classification performance metricsSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2019Flexible Birnbaum-Saunders distributionSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2019Necessary and Sufficient Optimality Conditions for Vector Equilibrium Problems on Hadamard ManifoldsSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2019Parity-Assisted Generation of Nonclassical States of Light in Circuit Quantum ElectrodynamicsSYMMETRY-BASEL
Editorial2019Symmetry in quantum optics modelsSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2019The root extraction problem for generic braidsSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2019What role does corporate governance play in the intention to use cloud computing technology?SYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2018A Historical Perspective of the Theory of IsotopismsSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2018Generalized Modified Slash Birnbaum-Saunders DistributionSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2018Geometric objects: a quality index to electromagnetic energy transfer performance in sustainable smart buildingsSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2018On the Computation of the Dispersion Diagram of Symmetric One-Dimensionally Periodic StructuresSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2018Understanding User Behavioral Intention to Adopt a Search Engine that Promotes Sustainable Water ManagementSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2016A PT-symmetric dual-core system with the Sine-Gordon nonlinearity and derivative couplingSYMMETRY-BASEL
Artículo2016Energy conservation law in industrial architecture: an approach through geometric algebraSYMMETRY-BASEL