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Artículo2023Dynamics of fixed-volume pinned films – dealing with a non-self-adjoint thin-film problemJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2023Electrokinetic modelling of cone-jet electrospraysJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2023Global stability analysis of bubbles rising in a vertical capillary with an external flowJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2023Numerical analyses of wire-plate electrohydrodynamic flowsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2022Global stability analysis of flexible channel flow with a hyperelastic wallJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2022On the hydrodynamic focusing for producing microemulsions via tip streamingJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2022Stability and tip streaming of a surfactant-loaded drop in an extensional flow. Influence of surface viscosityJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2022The initial impact of drops cushioned by an air or vapour layer with applications to the dynamic Leidenfrost regimeJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2021Deterministic and stochastic bifurcations in two-dimensional electroconvective flowsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2021Global stability analysis of axisymmetric liquid-liquid flow focusingJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2021Motion of a tightly fitting axisymmetric object through a lubricated elastic tubeJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2021On the jets produced by drops impacting a deep liquid pool and by bursting bubblesJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2021On the physics of transient ejection from bubble burstingJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2021Regular and complex singularities of the generalized thin film equation in two dimensionsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2021Self-similar electrohydrodynamic solutions in multiple coaxial Taylor conesJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2021Spreading and splashing of drops impacting rough substratesJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2021Stationary electro-osmotic flow driven by AC fields around charged dielectric spheresJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2020A numerical simulation of coaxial electrospraysJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2020Impulsive generation of jets by flow focusingJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2020Inclined impact of dropsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2020On the sea spray aerosol originated from bubble bursting jetsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2020Self-similar breakup of polymeric threads as described by the Oldroyd-B modelJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2020Self-similarity in the breakup of very dilute viscoelastic solutionsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2019A note on the aerodynamic splashing of dropletsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2019A theory on the spreading of impacting dropletsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2019Capillary waves control the ejection of bubble bursting jetsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2019Numerical stability analysis of a vortex ring with swirlJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2019Splashing of droplets impacting superhydrophobic substratesJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2018Production of monodisperse microbubbles avoiding microfluidicsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2018The steady cone-jet mode of electrospraying close to the minimum volume stability limitJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2017Curvature instability of a curved Batchelor vortexJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2017Global stability of axisymmetric flow focusingJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2017Spatial structure of shock formationJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2016A multilayer shallow model for dry granular flows with the mu(1)-rheology: application to granular collapse on erodible bedsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2016A two-phase two-layer model for fluidized granular flows with dilatancy effectsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2016Droplet impact onto moving liquidsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2016Elliptic instability of a curved Batchelor vortexJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2016Maximum drop radius and critical Weber number for splashing in the dynamical Leidenfrost regimeJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2016Simple and double microemulsions via the capillary breakup of highly stretched liquid jetsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2015Internal structure of vortex rings and helical vorticesJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2015Phase diagram for droplet impact on superheated surfacesJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2015Pressure gradient induced generation of microbubblesJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2015The diameters and velocities of the droplets ejected after splashingJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2015The instability nature of the Vogel-Escudier flowJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2014Electrohydrodynamic linear stability analysis of dielectric liquids subjected to unipolar injection in a rectangular enclosure with rigid sidewallsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2014Global stability of stretched jets: Conditions for the generation of monodisperse micro-emulsions using coflowsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2014On the cusps bordering liquid sheetsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2014Patterns of a creeping water-spout flowJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2013A model of bubble-induced turbulence based on large-scale wake interactionsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2013On the thinnest steady threads obtained by gravitational stretching of capillary jetsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2013Splash wave and crown breakup after disc impact on a liquid surfaceJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2013Stabilization of fluidized beds of particles magnetized by an external field: effects of particle size and field orientationJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Corrección2012Numerical modelling of finite-amplitude electro-thermo-convection in a dielectric liquid layer subjected to both unipolar injection and temperature gradient (vol 658, pg 279, 2010)JOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2012Slender-body theory for the generation of micrometre-sized emulsions through tip streamingJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2012Spatial modes of capillary jets, with application to surface stimulationJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2011Stabilization of gas-fluidized beds of magnetic powders by a cross-flow magnetic fieldJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2011Universal size and shape of viscous capillary jets: application to gas-focused microjetsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2011Whipping instability characterization of an electrified visco-capillary jetJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2010Analysis of the dripping-jetting transition in compound capillary jetsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2010Experimental characterization of the agitation generated by bubbles rising at high Reynolds numberJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2010Generation and breakup of Worthington jets after cavity collapse. Part 1. Jet formationJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2010Generation and breakup of Worthington jets after cavity collapse. Part 2. Tip breakup of stretched jetsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2010Numerical modelling of finite-amplitude electro-thermo-convection in a dielectric liquid layer subjected to both unipolar injection and temperature gradientJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2009The measurement of growth rates in capillary jetsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2008Normal-mode linear analysis and initial conditions of capillary jetsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2008Viscoelastic effects on the jetting-dripping transition in co-flowing capillary jetsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2006Axisymmetric breakup of bubbles at high Reynolds numbersJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2006Breakup time and morphology of drops and bubbles in a high-Reynolds-number flowJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2006Electrothermal flows generated by alternating and rotating electric fields in microsystemsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2006Jetting-dripping transition of a liquid jet in a lower viscosity co-flowing immiscible liquid: the minimum flow rate in flow focusingJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2006Pattern imaging of primary and secondary electrohydro dynamic instabilitiesJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2006The combination of electrospray and flow focusingJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2005Aerodynamic effects in the break-up of liquid jets: on the first wind-induced break-up regimeJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2005Bubble formation in a coflowing air-water streamJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2005Experimental study of a surfactant-driven fingering phenomenon in a Hele-Shaw cellJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2004A note on charged capillary jet breakup of conducting liquids: experimental validation of a viscous one-dimensional modelJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2004On the general scaling theory for electrosprayingJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2003Viscous fingering with chemical reaction: effect of in-situ production of surfactantsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2002Density-driven unstable flows of miscible fluids in a Hele-Shaw cellJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2002Downstream evolution of unconfined vortices: mechanical and thermal aspectsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2001Linear stability of co-flowing liquid-gas jetsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo2001Settling of small particles near vortices and in turbulenceJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo1999Kinetic theory of simple granular shear flows of smooth hard spheresJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo1998On the steady streaming flow due to high-frequency vibration in nearly inviscid liquid bridgesJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo1997On the theory of electrohydrodynamically driven capillary jetsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo1994Stability of inviscid conducting liquid columns subjected to ac axial magnetic-fieldsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo1993Bifurcation diagrams of axisymmetrical liquid bridges of arbitrary volume in electric and gravitational axial fieldsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo1993On the dynamics of buoyant and heavy-particles in a periodic stuart vortex flowJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo1993The effect of residual axial gravity on the stability of liquid columns subjected to electric-fieldsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo1991Oscillations of liquid captive rotating dropsJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo1990Brownian-motion far from equilibrium - a hypersonic approachJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo1989Stabilization of dielectric liquid bridges by electric-fields in the absence of gravityJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo1988Aerodynamic focusing of particles in a carrier gasJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo1988Variational determination of the coefficient of sound dispersion in binary gas-mixturesJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS
Artículo1984One-dimensional self-similar solution of the dynamics of axisymmetric slender liquid bridgesJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS