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Publicaciones en la fuente POWDER TECHNOLOGY

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023Understanding the evolution of particle size dispersion with time in a fluidised bed granulation processPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2022On the comprehension of the gas split in loop seal devicesPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2021A new time-dependent rate constant of the coalescence kernel for the modelling of fluidised bed granulationPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2021Fluid dynamic analysis of dual fluidized bed gasifier for solar applicationsPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2020Cross effect between temperature and consolidation on the flow behavior of granular materials in thermal energy storage systemsPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2017Influence of milling parameters on the solid-gas synthesis of TiCxN1-x by mechanically induced self-sustaining reactionPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2016A new method for synthetizing nanocrystalline aluminium nitride via a solid-gas direct reactionPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2015Comparison of cohesive powder flowability measured by Schulze Shear Cell, Raining Bed Method, Sevilla Powder Tester and new Ball Indentation MethodPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2014Dispersion of carbon nanotubes in iron by wet processing for the preparation of iron-carbon nanotube compositesPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2014Investigation into the parameters of influence on dust cake porosity in hot gas filtrationPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2014Self-propagating combustion synthesis via an MSR process: An efficient and simple method to prepare (Ti, Zr, Hf)B-2-Al2O3 powder nanocompositesPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2013beta-Ag2S-ZnO as a novel sunshine photocatalyst for the effective degradation of RR 120 dyePOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2013Flow properties of CO2 sorbent powders modified with nanosilicaPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2012CO2 capture enhancement in a fluidized bed of a modified Geldart C powderPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2012Low temperature nanocasting of hematite nanoparticles using mesoporous silica moldsPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2012Synthesis of homogeneously dispersed cobalt nanoparticles in the pores of functionalized SBA-15 silicaPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2010Effect of suspension chemistry onto voltage drop: Application to electro-flotationPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2009Avalanches in moistened beds of glass beadsPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2008A modified Richardson-Zaki equation for fluidization of Geldart B magnetic particlesPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2008Effect of inclination on gas-fluidized beds of fine cohesive powdersPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2008Volume fluctuations and linear response in a simple model of compactionPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2001The effect of particle size on interparticle adhesive forces for small loadsPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2001The tensile strength and free volume of cohesive powders compressed by gas flowPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo1998The tensile strength of cohesive powders and its relationship to consolidation, free volume and cohesivityPOWDER TECHNOLOGY
Artículo1986Texture properties of titanium-dioxidePOWDER TECHNOLOGY