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Artículo2024Effects of ZrO2 crystalline phase on oxygen vacancy of GaZr oxides and their properties for CO2 hydrogenation to light olefinsCATALYSIS TODAY
Revisión2024Influence of vanadium species on the catalytic oxidation of glucose for formic acid productionCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2024Photocatalytic activity enhancement by noble metal deposition on faceted F-TiO2 synthesised by microwave assisted method. A study of selective oxidation of gas-phase ethanol in a FBPR reactorCATALYSIS TODAY
Editorial2024Plasma catalysis for a net-zero economy (ISPCEM 2022)CATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2023Effect of the TiO2-carbon interface on charge transfer and ethanol photo-reformingCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2023Glucose dehydration reaction over metal halides supported on activated charcoal catalystsCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2023Hydrophobic RWGS catalysts: valorization of CO2-rich streams in presence of CO/H2OCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2023Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of Cu-MnOx catalysts for CO oxidation: effect of Cu:Mn molar ratio on their structure and catalytic activityCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2023Low-temperature reverse water gas-shift reaction over highly efficient Cu-hydrotalcites: mechanistic insights on the role of malachite phaseCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2023Multicomponent graphene based catalysts for guaiacol upgrading in hydrothermal conditions: Exploring "H2-free" alternatives for bio-compounds hydrodeoxygenationCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2023Understanding the formation of higher alcohols in the liquid-phase ethanol condensation over copper-loaded hydrotalcite-derived mixed oxidesCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2022Boosting water activation determining-step in WGS reaction on structured catalyst by Mo-dopingCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2022Catalytic activity of PtCu intermetallic compound for CO oxidation: a theoretical insightCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2022Enhanced catalytic activity and stability of nanoshaped Ni/CeO2 for CO2 methanation in micro-monolithsCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2022Fast photodegradation of rhodamine B and caffeine using ZnO-hydroxyapatite composites under UV-light illuminationCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2022Metal micromonoliths for the cleaning of H2 by means of methanation reactionsCATALYSIS TODAY
Editorial2022Structured and micro-structured catalysts: a fascinating future for a sustainable world – a special issue in tribute to the careers of Professors Mario Montes and José Antonio OdriozolaCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2022Yolk-Shell structured NiCo@SiO2 nanoreactor for CO2 upgrading via reverse water-gas shift reactionCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2021Exploring the potential of biomass-templated Nb/ZnO nanocatalysts for the sustainable synthesis of N-heterocyclesCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2021Fructose dehydration reaction over functionalized nanographitic catalysts in MIBK/H2O biphasic systemCATALYSIS TODAY
Revisión2020Flexible syngas production using a La2Zr2-xNixO7-δ pyrochlore-double perovskite catalyst: towards a direct route for gas phase CO2 recyclingCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2020Highly stable Ru nanoparticles incorporated in mesoporous carbon catalysts for production of gamma-valerolactoneCATALYSIS TODAY
Revisión2020Upgrading the PtCu intermetallic compounds: The role of Pt and Cu in the alloyCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2019Au/Al2O3 - Efficient catalyst for 5-hydroxymethylfurfural oxidation to 2,5-furandicarboxylic acidCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2019BixTiyOz-Fe multiphase systems with excellent photocatalytic performance in the visibleCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2019Coupling of WO3 with anatase TiO2 sample with high {001} facet exposition: Effect on the photocatalytic propertiesCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2019Phenanthrene catalytic cracking in supercritical water: effect of the reaction medium on NiMo/SiO2 catalystsCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2019Support effects on NiO-based catalysts for the oxidative dehydrogenation (ODH) of ethaneCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2018Gold catalyst recycling study in base-free glucose oxidation reactionCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2018Inactivation of a wild isolated Klebsiella pneumoniae by photo-chemical processes: UV-C, UV-C/H2O2 and UV-C/H2O2/Fe3+CATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2018Influence of gold particle size in Au/C catalysts for base-free oxidation of glucoseCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2018Synthetic natural gas production from CO2 over Ni-x/CeO2-ZrO2 (x = Fe, Co) catalysts: influence of promoters and space velocityCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2018Understanding the differences in catalytic performance for hydrogen production of Ni and Co supported on mesoporous SBA-15CATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2018ZnO and Pt-ZnO photocatalysts: Characterization and photocatalytic activity assessing by means of three substratesCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2017Gold catalysts screening in base-free aerobic oxidation of glucose to gluconic acidCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2017High UV-photocatalytic activity of ZnO and Ag/ZnO synthesized by a facile methodCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2017Layered double hydroxides as base catalysts for the synthesis of dimethyl carbonateCATALYSIS TODAY
Editorial20165th International Conference on Structured Catalysts and Reactors, ICOSCAR-5, Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain, 22-24 June, 2016CATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2016Au-supported on Fe-doped ceria solids prepared in water-in-oil microemulsions: Catalysts for CO oxidationCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2016Impact of structured catalysts in amine oxidation under mild conditionsCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2016Influence of the ionic liquid presence on the selective oxidation of glucose over molybdenum based catalystsCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2016Selectivity control in oxidation of 1-tetradecanol on supported nano Au catalystsCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2015Boosting the activity of a Au/CeO2/Al2O3 catalyst for the WGS reactionCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2015Designing a new generation of catalysts: Water gas shift reaction exampleCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2015Ir supported over carbon materials for the selective hydrogenation of chloronitrobenzenesCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2015Oxodiperoxomolybdenum complex immobilized onto ionic liquid modified SBA-15 as an effective catalysis for sulfide oxidation to sulfoxides using hydrogen peroxideCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2015Role of ruthenium on the catalytic properties of CeZr and CeZrCo mixed oxides for glycerol steam reforming reaction toward H-2 productionCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2014Heterogeneous selective oxidation of fatty alcohols: Oxidation of 1-tetradecanol as a model substrateCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2013Cyclohexane photocatalytic oxidation on Pt/TiO2 catalystsCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2013Effect of Pd addition on the efficiency of a NOx-trap catalyst: A FTIR operando studyCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2013Effect of the alloy on micro-structured reactors for methanol steam reformingCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2013In situ characterization of iron-promoted ceria-alumina gold catalysts during the water-gas shift reactionCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2013Influence of the O-2/CO ratio and the presence of H2O and CO2 in the feed-stream during the preferential oxidation of CO (PROX) over a CuOx/CeO2-coated microchannel reactorCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2013Preferential oxidation of CO over Au/CuOx-CeO2 catalyst in microstructured reactors studied through CFD simulationsCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2012Analysis and application of the theories that rationalize the crystalline structures of fluorite-related rare earth oxidesCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2012Ethanol partial photoxidation on Pt/TiO2 catalysts as green route for acetaldehyde synthesisCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2012Mesoporous amorphous silicate catalysts for biogas reformingCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2012Preferential oxidation of CO (CO-PROX) over CuOx/CeO2 coated microchannel reactorCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2011Hydrogen production by glycerol steam reforming over CeZrCo fluorite type oxidesCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2011Ionic liquid protected heteropoly acids for methanol dehydrationCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2011Oxidation of CO over gold supported on Zn-modified ceria catalystsCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2010A comparative study of the water gas shift reaction over platinum catalysts supported on CeO2, TiO2 and Ce-modified TiO2CATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2010Iron-modified ceria and Au/ceria catalysts for Total and Preferential Oxidation of CO (TOX and PROX)CATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2010Modified cryptomelane-type manganese dioxide nanomaterials for preferential oxidation of CO in the presence of hydrogenCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2010Operando XAS and Raman study on the structure of a supported vanadium oxide catalyst during the oxidation of H2S to sulphurCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2010Study of nanoporous catalysts in the selective catalytic reduction of NOxCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2010Supported nickel catalysts with a controlled molecular architecture for the catalytic reformation of methaneCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2009Integration of methanol steam reforming and combustion in a microchannel reactor for H-2 production: A CFD simulation studyCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2009Pressure drop measurements and hydrodynamic model description of SiC foam composites decorated with SiC nanofiberCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2008CO and VOCs oxidation over Pt/SiO2 catalysts prepared using silicas obtained from stainless steel slagsCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2008Crotonaldehyde hydrogenation on supported gold catalystsCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2008Hydrogen production by steam reforming of ethanol Study of mixed oxide catalysts Ce2Zr1.5Me0.5O8: Comparison of Ni/Co and effect of RhCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2008The effect of ultrasound in the synthesis of clays used as catalysts in oxidation reactionsCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2008Zirconia-supported LaCoO3 Catalysts for hydrogen production by oxidative reforming of diesel: Optimization of preparation conditionsCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2007Classical molecular dynamics simulations of gold clusters deposited on rutile TiO2 (110) surfaceCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2007Effect of the redox treatment of Pt/TiO2 system on its photocatalytic behaviour in the gas phase selective photooxidation of propan-2-olCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2007EXAFS study and photocatalytic properties of un-doped and iron-doped ZrO2-TiO2 (photo-) catalystsCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2007Hydrothermal preparation of highly photoactive TiO2 nanoparticlesCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2007Photocatalytic properties of surface modified platinised TiO2: Effects of particle size and structural compositionCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2006Application of alumina supported gold-based catalysts in total oxidation of CO and light hydrocarbons mixtureCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2006Design of a diesel reformer coupled to a PEMFCCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2006FT-IR operando study on selective catalytic reduction of NOx species by ammonia: A comparison between zeolitic and GAPON compoundsCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2005Synthesis and characterization of sol-gel zirconia supported Pd and Ni catalystsCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2003Nb2O5-supported WO3: a comparative study with WO3/Al2O3CATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2003Some contributions of electron microscopy to the characterisation of the strong metal-support interaction effectCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2002A novel preparation of high surface area TiO2 nanoparticles from alkoxide precursor and using active carbon as additiveCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo1999Nanostructural evolution of high loading Rh/lanthana catalysts through the preparation and reduction stepsCATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo1991Insitu drifts study of adsorbed species in the hydrogenation of carbon oxidesCATALYSIS TODAY