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Artículo2022Nanometer-thick defective graphene films decorated with oriented ruthenium nanoparticles. Higher activity of 101 vs 002 plane for silane- alcohol coupling and hydrogen transfer reductionJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo2021Highly efficient hydroamination of phenylacetylenes with anilines catalysed by gold nanoparticles embedded in nanoporous polymer matrix: Insight into the reaction mechanism by kinetic and DFT investigationsJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo2019Uniform Ru nanoparticles on N-doped graphene for selective hydrogenation of fatty acids to alcoholsJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo2018High {001} faceted TiO2 nanoparticles for the valorization of oxygenated compounds present in aqueous biomass-derived feedstocksJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo2018In situ monitoring of the phenomenon of electrochemical promotion of catalysisJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo2016Photocatalytic hydrogen production from degradation of glucose over fluorinated and platinized TiO2 catalystsJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo2015H-2 oxidation as criterion for PrOx catalyst selection: Examples based on Au-Co-O-x-supported systemsJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo2014Pt vs. Au in water-gas shift reactionJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo2010Gold catalysts and solid catalysts for biomass transformations: Valorization of glycerol and glycerol-water mixtures through formation of cyclic acetalsJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo2010Gold supported on metal-doped ceria catalysts (M = Zr, Zn and Fe) for the preferential oxidation of CO (PROX)JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo2009Influence of the zeolite synthesis route on its catalytic properties in the methanol to olefin reactionJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo2008Morphology changes induced by strong metal-support interaction on a Ni-ceria catalytic systemJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo2008Reactivity of lanthanum substituted cobaltites toward carbon particlesJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo2007Plasma catalysis with perovskite-type catalysts for the removal of NO and CH4 from combustion exhaustsJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo2006Selective hydrogenation of crotonaldehyde on Au/HSA-CeO2 catalystsJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo2005An in situ XAS study of Cu/ZrO2 catalysts under de-NOx reaction conditionsJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo1998Structural and textural characterization of AlPO4-B2O3 and Al2O3-B2O3 (5-30 wt% B2O3) systems obtained by boric acid impregnationJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo1998Structure, texture, surface acidity, and catalytic activity of AlPO4-ZrO2 (5-50 wt% ZrO2) catalysts prepared by a sol-gel procedureJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo1997Nanostructural evolution of a Pt/CeO2 catalyst reduced at increasing temperatures (473-1223 k): A HREM studyJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo1997Structure and properties of tungstates formed in W-Mg-O systemsJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo1996Alkaline-metal doped MoO3/TiO2 systems: Structure of supported molybdatesJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo1996Catalytic properties of ZrO2SiO2: Effects of sulfation in the cyclohexene isomerization reactionJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo1996Influence of the nickel reduction degree on the toxicity of H2S and thiophene over a Ni/SiO2 catalystJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo1995Ab-initio scf-mo study of the chemisorption of methane on al and la oxide surfacesJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo1995Modification of the Activity of Mg3(PO4)2 in the Gas-Phase Conversion of Cyclohexanol by Addition of Sodium-CarbonateJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo1994Changes in the structure of tio2-supported molybdena induced by na-dopingJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Nota1994Estimate of the basicity of ln2o3-bi2o3 catalysts for oxidative coupling of methane through diffuse-reflectance uv-vis experimentsJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo1994Fluoride and Sulfate Treatment of AlPO4-Al2O3 Catalysts .I. Structure, Texture, Surface Acidity and Catalytic Performance in Cyclohexene Conversion and Cumene CrackingJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo1993Surface species formed upon supporting molybdena on alumina by mechanically mixing both oxidesJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo1992Moo3/mgo systems - effect of preparation method on their physicochemical propertiesJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo1992Sodium-doped v2o5/tio2 systems - an xrd, dta, tg/dtg, ir, v-uv, tpr, and xanes studyJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo1992The state of nickel in ni/sio2 and ni/tio2-calcined catalystsJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo1989AES and TDS study of the adsorption of NH3 and NO on V2O5 and TiO2 surfaces: Mechanistic implicationsJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo1989Effect of chlorine in the formation of ptre alloys in ptre/al2o3 catalystsJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo1988Effect of consecutive and alternative oxidation and reduction treatments on the interactions between titania (anatase and rutile) and copperJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Letter1982Temperature-programmed desorption from porous catalysts - Shape index analysisJOURNAL OF CATALYSIS