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Artículo2020In situ XRD analysis of dolomite calcination under CO2in a humid environmentCRYSTENGCOMM
Artículo2020Metal-organic architectures driven by a multifunctional 6-aminouracil spacer: structures, noncovalent interactions, and conductivityCRYSTENGCOMM
Artículo2019Chloranilate bridged dinuclear copper(ii) complexes: syn-anti geometry tuned by the steric factor and supramolecular interactionsCRYSTENGCOMM
Artículo2019Diverse structural assemblies of U-shaped hydrazinyl-sulfonamides: experimental and theoretical analysis of non-covalent interactions stabilizing solid state conformationsCRYSTENGCOMM
Artículo2019Intramolecular pi-hole interactions with nitro aromaticsCRYSTENGCOMM
Artículo2019Modulation of coordination in pincer-type isonicotinohydrazone Schiff base ligands by proton transferCRYSTENGCOMM
Artículo2018Isosymmetric structural phase transition of the orthorhombic lanthanum gallate structure as a function of temperature determined by Rietveld analysisCRYSTENGCOMM
Artículo2018Oriented nucleation and crystal growth in SrO-Al2O3-SiO2 tectosilicate glassesCRYSTENGCOMM
Artículo2017Sub-micron spheres of an imine-based covalent organic framework: supramolecular functionalization and water-dispersibilityCRYSTENGCOMM
Artículo2014Synthesis and luminescence of uniform europium-doped bismuth fluoride and bismuth oxyfluoride particles with different morphologiesCRYSTENGCOMM
Artículo2009Zeolitic imidazole frameworks: structural and energetics trends compared with their zeolite analoguesCRYSTENGCOMM