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Publicaciones en la fuente ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2020Characterization of background particulate matter concentrations using the combination of two clustering techniques in zones with heterogeneous emission sourcesATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2017Dry deposition and canopy uptake in Mediterranean holm-oak forests estimated with a canopy budget model: A focus on N estimationsATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2016Characterization of background air pollution exposure in urban environments using a metric based on Hidden Markov ModelsATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2015Time series clustering for estimating particulate matter contributions and its use in quantifying impacts from desertsATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2013A 40-year retrospective European radon flux inventory including climatological variabilityATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2013Mesoscale behavior of Be-7 and Pb-210 in superficial air along the Gulf of Cadiz (south of Iberian Peninsula)ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2012Anthropogenic I-129 concentration and I-129/I-127 ratio in rainwater from Seville (Spain) in the period 2005-2008 as affected by airborne releases from Sellafield and La Hague facilitiesATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2010Measurement of plutonium isotopes, (PU)-P-239 and Pu-240, in air-filter samples from Seville (2001-2002)ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2006Influence of sampling air flow rate in the decay correction applied to the determination of Be-7 and short-lived radionuclides in aerosol samplesATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2005Mineralogy and origin of atmospheric particles in the industrial area of Huelva (SW Spain)ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2004Source characterisation of fine urban particles by multivariate analysis of trace metals speciationATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2002A chemical speciation of trace metals for fine urban particlesATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2002Estimation of fluorine and chlorine emissions from Spanish structural ceramic industries. The case study of the Bailen area, Southern SpainATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2001Size distribution of metals in urban aerosols in Seville (Spain)ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo1988Estimation of the influence of particulate pollution on the degree of polarization of the sky-light scattered by the atmospheric aerosolATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo1988Luminance and polarization of the sky light at Seville (Spain) measured in white-lightATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo1987Influence of particulate pollution on the positions of neutral points in the sky at Seville (Spain)ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Nota1987Measurements of visibility by photographic photometry at Seville (Spain)ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Letter1987Study of luminance and polarimetry of the sky at Seville (Spain) from may 1982 to september 1984ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
Artículo1986Trace and major elements in atmospheric deposition in the "Campo de Gibraltar" regionATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT