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Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024Effects of cylindrospermopsin, chlorpyrifos and their combination in a SH-SY5Y cell model concerning developmental neurotoxicityECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Artículo2023Biodistribution of naturally occurring radionuclides and radiocesium in wild European perch (Perca fluviatilis)ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Artículo2022Bioaccumulation and biochemical responses in the peppery furrow shell Scrobicularia plana exposed to a pharmaceutical cocktail at sub-lethal concentrationsECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Artículo2020In vitro assessment of the combination of cylindrospermopsin and the organophosphate chlorpyrifos on the human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cell lineECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Artículo2019Soil phenanthrene phytoremediation capacity in bacteria-assisted Spartina densifloraECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Artículo2018Salinity alleviates zinc toxicity in the saltmarsh zinc-accumulator Juncus acutusECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Artículo2015Proteomic analysis of anatoxin-a acute toxicity in zebrafish reveals gender specific responses and additional mechanisms of cell stressECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Artículo2013Assessing the effect of copper on growth, copper accumulation and physiological responses of grazing species Atriplex halimus: Ecotoxicological implicationsECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Artículo2013Several benthic species can be used interchangeably in integrated sediment quality assessmentECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Artículo2012Time-dependent histopathological changes induced in Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) after acute exposure to pure cylindrospermopsin by oral and intraperitoneal routeECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Artículo2011Application of organic wastes on a benzo(a)pyrene polluted soil. Response of soil biochemical properties and role of Eisenia fetidaECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Artículo2011Comparison of germination, growth, photosynthetic responses and metal uptake between three populations of Spartina densiflora under different soil pollution conditionsECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Artículo2011Effects of Prochloraz fungicide on soil enzymatic activities and bacterial communitiesECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Artículo2011Effects on growth and oxidative stress status of rice plants (Oryza sativa) exposed to two extracts of toxin-producing cyanobacteria (Aphanizomenon ovalisporum and Microcystis aeruginosa)ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Artículo2011Toxicity and glutathione implication in the effects observed by exposure of the liver fish cell line PLHC-1 to pure cylindrospermopsinECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Artículo2011Use of organic amendments as a bioremediation strategy to reduce the bioavailability of chlorpyrifos insecticide in soils. Effects on soil biologyECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Artículo2010Response of Eisenia fetida to the application of different organic wastes in an aluminium-contaminated soilECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Artículo2009Effectiveness of glyphosate and imazamox on the control of the invasive cordgrass Spartina densifloraECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Artículo2008Trace metal bioavailability in the waters of two different habitats in Spain: Huelva estuary and Algeciras BayECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Artículo2003A study of the leachate toxicity of metal-containing solid wastes using Daphnia magnaECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY