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Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023Climate change alters pasture productivity and quality: Impact on fatty acids and amino acids in Mediterranean silvopastoral ecosystemsAGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2023Could conservation tillage increase the resistance to drought in Mediterranean faba bean crops?AGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2021No detectable impact of parasite-infected commercial bumblebees on wild bees in areas adjacent to greenhouses despite diet overlapAGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2020Long-term impacts of conservation tillage on Mediterranean agricultural soils: shifts in microbial communities despite limited effects on chemical propertiesAGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2019Contrasting occurrence patterns of managed and native bumblebees in natural habitats across a greenhouse landscape gradientAGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2018Brachypodium distachyon, Sinapis alba, and controlled spontaneous vegetation as groundcovers: Soil protection and modeling decompositionAGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2017Climate change impacts on soil organic carbon stocks of Mediterranean agricultural areas: A case study in Northern EgyptAGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2016Mass flowering crops in a patchy agricultural landscape can reduce bee abundance in adjacent shrublandsAGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2015Application of CarboSOIL model to predict the effects of climate change on soil organic carbon stocks in agro-silvo-pastoral Mediterranean management systemsAGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2008Comparative analysis of wild and cultivated grapevine (Vitis vinifera) in the Basque Region of Spain and FranceAGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2007Application of two beet vinasse forms in soil restoration: Effects on soil properties in an and environment in southern SpainAGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT
Artículo1999An expert system neural network model (ImpelERO) for evaluating agricultural soil erosion in Andalucia region, southern SpainAGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT
Artículo1998Forecasting olive crop production based on ten consecutive years of monitoring airborne pollen in Andalusia (southern Spain)AGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT