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Publicaciones en la fuente INTERMETALLICS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2021Hysteresis, latent heat and cycling effects on the magnetocaloric response of (NiMnSi)0.66(Fe2Ge)0.34 alloyINTERMETALLICS
Artículo2019Crystallisation of amorphous Al-Sm-Ni-(Cu) alloysINTERMETALLICS
Artículo2019Experimental and theoretical evidences that atomic disorder suppresses half-metallicity of Heusler compoundsINTERMETALLICS
Artículo2017Grinding and particle size selection as a procedure to enhance the magnetocaloric response of La( Fe, Si)(13) bulk samplesINTERMETALLICS
Artículo2015Structure, magnetic properties and giant magnetocaloric effect of Tb4Gd1Si2.035Ge1.935Mn0.03 alloyINTERMETALLICS
Artículo2014Relationship between mechanical amorphization and boron integration during processing of FeNbB alloysINTERMETALLICS
Artículo2012Enhancement of the magnetic refrigerant capacity in partially amorphous Fe70Zr30 powders obtained by mechanical alloyingINTERMETALLICS
Artículo2011Formation of the complete range of Ti5Si3-xGex solid solutions via mechanically induced self-sustained reactionsINTERMETALLICS
Artículo2011Magnetic properties and magneto-caloric effect in pseudo-binary intermetallic (Ce,R)(2)Fe-17 compounds (R = Y, Pr and Dy)INTERMETALLICS
Artículo2011The magnetocaloric properties of GdScSi and GdScGeINTERMETALLICS
Artículo2010Mechanical amorphization of Fe75Nb10B15 powder: Microstructural and magnetic characterizationINTERMETALLICS
Artículo2008An equivalent time approach for scaling the mechanical alloying processesINTERMETALLICS
Artículo2008Mechanical alloying of Fe100-x-yNbxBy (x=5, 10; y=10, 15): From pure powder mixture to amorphous phaseINTERMETALLICS
Artículo2008Nitriding study of titanium silicide intermetallics obtained by mechanical alloyingINTERMETALLICS
Artículo2007Ball milling of Fe83Zr6B10Cu1 amorphous alloy containing quenched in crystalsINTERMETALLICS
Artículo2007Microstructure and mechanical properties of bulk nanocrystalline Al(88)Mm(5)Ni(5)Fe(2) alloy consolidated at high pressureINTERMETALLICS
Artículo2007Nanocrystalline Fe-Nb-(B,Ge) alloys from ball milling: Microstructure, thermal stability and magnetic propertiesINTERMETALLICS
Artículo2007Structural ordering and magnetic properties of arc-melted FeGa alloysINTERMETALLICS