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Artículo2024Novel heterostructured NaTaO3/WO3 systems with improved photocatalytic properties for water decontamination under UV and Visible illuminationJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2023Thermal and tribo-mechanical properties of high-performance poly(etheretherketone)/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite coatings prepared by electrophoretic depositionJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2022Relation between chemical composition, morphology, and microstructure of poly(ether ether ketone)/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite coatings obtained by electrophoretic depositionJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2020Modulation of the acidity of a vermiculite and its potential use as a catalytic supportJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2020Synthesis of Mn2+-doped ZnS by a mechanically induced self-sustaining reactionJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2018A facile shape-controlled synthesis of highly photoactive fluorine containing TiO2 nanosheets with high {001} facet exposureJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2017Ball milling as a way to produce magnetic and magnetocaloric materials: a reviewJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2017High-temperature thermal conductivity of biomorphic SiC/Si ceramicsJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2017Mechanochemistry of copper sulphides: phase interchanges during millingJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2016Electrical conductivity of metal powder aggregates and sintered compactsJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2016Stress measurement using area detectors: a theoretical and experimental comparison of different methods in ferritic steel using a portable X-ray apparatusJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2015Development of new titanium implants with longitudinal gradient porosity by space-holder techniqueJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2014Characterization of porous graphitic monoliths from pyrolyzed woodJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2014Hardness and flexural strength of single-walled carbon nanotube/alumina compositesJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2014Optical absorption spectrum of rotated trilayer grapheneJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2014Phase assembly and electrical conductivity of spark plasma sintered CeO2-ZrO2 ceramicsJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2013Structure of supercritically dried calcium silicate hydrates (C-S-H) and structural changes induced by weatheringJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2012Changes on the nanostructure of cementitius calcium silicate hydrates (C-S-H) induced by aqueous carbonationJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2012Processing, characterization and biological testing of porous titanium obtained by space-holder techniqueJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2011Chromium influence on rhombohedral twinning in sapphireJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2011Consolidation by electrical resistance sintering of Ti powderJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2010Atomistic study of vibrational properties of gamma-Al2O3JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2010Computer simulation study of amorphous compounds: structural and vibrational propertiesJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2010Core-level shift analysis of amorphous CdTeO (x) materialsJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2010Effect of interface structure on the Ru on HfO2 work functionJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2010Elastic properties in different nano-structured AlN filmsJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2010On the microstructure of single wall carbon nanotubes reinforced ceramic matrix compositesJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2010Temperature and stress fields evolution during spark plasma sintering processesJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2008Effective properties of materials with random micro-cavities using special boundary elementsJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2008Reaction-formation mechanisms and microstructure evolution of biomorphic SiCJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2007Erosion of geopolymers made from industrial wasteJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2007Hot corrosion mechanism of tundish plaster with steel slags in continuous castingJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2006Al-Ti powder produced through mechanical alloying for different timesJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2006beta-SiALON obtained from carbothermal reduction of kaolinite employing sample controlled reaction temperature (SCRT)JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2006Microwave sintering of nanocrystalline YTZP (3 mol%)JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2006The role of metal-ceramic interfaces on the high temperature mechanical response of nanostructured nickel-yttria tetragonal zirconia polycrystals (Ni-YTZP)JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2005Influence of milling media on the microstructure and mechanical properties of mechanically milled and sintered aluminiumJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2004Characterization of oxygen passivated iron nanoparticles and thermal evolution to gamma-Fe2O3JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2004Designing for ultrahigh-temperature applications: The mechanical and thermal properties of HfB2, HfCx, HfNx, and alpha Hf(N)JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2004Effect of grinding on the texture and reactivity of Si3N4JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2004Synthesis of nanocrystalline magnetite by mechanical alloying of iron and hematiteJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2003Study of the zero-field magnetic ordering, charge fluctuation and trapping in the oxo-bridged heterometallic acetylacetonate complex Fe3YO6R3[Y-11(C5O2H7)(33)]; (R = C5H7)JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2002Effect of heat treatment on phase stability, microstructure, and thermal conductivity of plasma-sprayed YSZJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2001Thermal conductivity and phase evolution of plasma-sprayed multilayer coatingsJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2000Titanium local environment and electrical conductivity of TiO2-doped stabilized tetragonal zirconiaJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1998Crystallization of (Fe, Co)(78)Si9B13 alloys: influence of relaxation processesJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1998Microstructure and room-temperature mechanical properties of Si3N4 with various alpha/beta phase ratiosJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1997Structure and properties of attrition-milled aluminium powderJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1996High-temperature deformation of cordierite glass-ceramic/SiC platelet compositesJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1996Thermal and photochemical methods for the preparation of thin films of cermet materialsJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1995Microstructural evolution of finemet type alloys with chromium - an electron-microscopy studyJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1995Study of the reaction of lanthanum nitrate with metal-oxides present in the scale formed at high-temperatures on stainless-steelJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1994A surface dispersion study of silica-supported molybdenaJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1994Slip Systems and plastic anisotropy in CaF2JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1993Alumina-pillared montmorillonite - effect of thermal and hydrothermal treatment on the accessible micropore volumeJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1993TEM characterization of indented polycrystalline Y-PSZJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1993The Williams-Watts dependence as a common phenomenological approach to relaxation processes in condensed matterJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1993Ultrasound as a tool for the preparation of gels: effect on the textural properties of TiO2-SiO2 aerogelsJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1992Bulk and surface characterization of powder iron-doped titania photocatalystsJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1992Deformation of NiO single crystals below room temperature: dislocation configurationsJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1992Formation of zirconium titanate powder from a sol-gel prepared reactive precursorJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1992Reactivity of molybdena with silica and aluminaJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1991Isothermal crystallization kinetics of the Ni63Cr18Si13B6 alloyJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1989Non-isothermal crystallization and isothermal transformation kinetics of the Ni68.5Cr14.5P17 metallic glassJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1989Time-scaling and crystallization kinetics of 3 Fe-B-based metallic glassesJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1988Structure studies of non-crystalline materials by electron-diffractionJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1984Crystallization kinetics of an Fe-Co based metallic-glassJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1982Crystallization kinetics of Fe40Ni38Mo4B18 and Fe80B20 metallic glassesJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo1982Electron microscopy study of crystallization behaviour of Fe40Ni38Mo4B18 (2826 MB) metallic glassJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE