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Publicaciones en la fuente Procedia Engineering

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Ponencia2018Internal voids as a stress reliever and palliative in fretting fatigueProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2017A 2.5D spectral approach to represent acoustic and elastic waveguides interaction on thin slab structuresProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2017Ambient vibration testing and dynamic identification of a historical building. Basilica of the Fourteen Holy Helpers (Germany)Procedia Engineering
Ponencia2017GIS modeling for motorways of the seaProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2017Investigation of the dynamic response and effect of soil properties of Arroyo Bracea II bridge in Madrid-Sevilla High-Speed railway line through experimental analysesProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2017On the Utilization of Circle Grid Analysis in Thin-walled Forming of Tubes: Experimental and Numerical EvaluationProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2017Recent Approaches for the Manufacturing of Polymeric Cranial Prostheses by Incremental Sheet FormingProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2017Scoping methodology to asses induced vibration by railway traffic in buildingsProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2017Study of the contribution of Nonlinear Normal Modes (NNMs) in large amplitude oscillations of simply supported beamsProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2016Colours Found During Restoration of the Seville City Hall FacadeProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2016Evolution Study of Colours Throughout the History of Facades of the Royal Ordnance Factory of SevilleProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2016Measuring Climate Change Impact on Urban Microclimate: a Case Study of ConcepcionProcedia Engineering
Artículo2016TiTaCN-Co cermets prepared by mechanochemical technique: microstructure and mechanical propertiesProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2015A review of PLM impact on US and EU Aerospace IndustryProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2015Enhanced Assembly Line Balancing and Scheduling Methodology for the Aeronautical IndustryProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2015Manufacturing of custom-made parts for assembly of large aircraft componentsProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2015On the study of the single-stage hole-flanging process by SPIFProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2015On the use of NASGRO software to estimate fatigue crack growth under variable amplitude loading in aluminium alloy 2024-T351Procedia Engineering
Ponencia2015PLM Based Approach to the Industrialization of Aeronautical AssembliesProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2015R&D&i Management System in Distributed Manufacturing SystemsProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2015Recent approaches for the determination of forming limits by necking and fracture in sheet metal formingProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2015Sustainable Fractal Manufacturing: a new approach to sustainability in machining processesProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2013A knowledge based application for industrialization designProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2013Analysis of the state of stresses and plastic strains during the necking process in ductile steelsProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2013Collaborative Engineering: an Airbus case studyProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2013Experimental Study on the Evaluation of Necking and Fracture Strains in Sheet Metal Forming ProcessesProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2013Formability of Automotive H240LA Steel Sheets in Stretch-Bending ProcessesProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2013Forming force in Single Point Incremental Forming under different bending conditionsProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2013Implementation of the iDMU for an aerostructure industrialization in AIRBUSProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2012A microscopy technique based on bio-impedance sensorsProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2011Analysis of thermal emissions from radiators in classrooms in Mediterranean climatesProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2011Evaluation of interfacial fracture toughness and friction coefficient in the single fiber fragmentation testProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2011Numerical study of the inter-fibre failure under biaxial loadsProcedia Engineering
Ponencia2011Protocols for measuring the airtightness of multi-dwelling units in Southern EuropeProcedia Engineering