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Publicaciones en la fuente MATERIALS & DESIGN

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Revisión2023An overview of polymeric composite scaffolds with piezoelectric properties for improved bone regenerationMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2022Biomechanical behavior of customized scaffolds: A three-dimensional finite element analysisMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2022Functional, thermal and rheological properties of polymer-based magnetic composite filaments for additive manufacturingMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2022TPU-based antiplatelet cardiovascular prostheses prepared using fused deposition modellingMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2021Design of Fe-containing GdTbCoAl high-entropy-metallic-glass composite microwires with tunable Curie temperatures and enhanced cooling efficiencyMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2021Effect of processing parameters on the properties of freeze-cast Ni wick with gradient porosityMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2021Formation and evolution of Au-SiOx heterostructures: from nanoflowers to nanosproutsMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2020Low gas consumption fabrication of 3He solid targets for nuclear reactionsMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2020Raman amplification in the ultra-small limit of Ag nanoparticles on SiO2 and graphene: Size and inter-particle distance effectsMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2019Analysis of the tensile fracture properties of ultra-high-strength fiber-reinforced concrete with different types of steel fibers by X-ray tomographyMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2019Exchange bias and two steps magnetization reversal in porous Co/CoO layerMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2018A simple descriptor for energetics at fcc-bcc metal interfacesMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2018Development of a novel TiNbTa material potentially suitable for bone replacement implantsMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2018Experimental realisation of off-stoichiometric Fe-Mn-Si full Heusler alloy with hexagonal crystal structure by pulsed laser depositionMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2017Fitting the fracture curve of concrete as a density function pertaining to the generalized extreme value familyMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2017Nanostructuring as a procedure to control the field dependence of the magnetocaloric effectMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2016Design, processing and characterization of titanium with radial graded porosity for bone implantsMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2016Microstructural effects on the R-curve behavior of WC-Co cemented carbidesMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2016Permeability and mechanical integrity of porous biomorphic SiC ceramics for application as hot-gas filtersMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2016Thermal conductivity of Fe graphitized wood derived carbonMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2015High-temperature deformation of fully-dense fine-grained boron carbide ceramics: Experimental facts and modelingMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2015Rapid parametric analysis of SEN(T) specimens using algorithmic modelling: Evaluation of strain energy density and notch stress intensity factorsMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2014Analysis on the mechanical strength of WC-Co cemented carbides under uniaxial and biaxial bendingMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2014Critical analysis of necking and fracture limit strains and forming forces in single-point incremental formingMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2014Designing, processing and characterisation of titanium cylinders with graded porosity: An alternative to stress-shielding solutionsMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2014Effect of tantalum content on the microstructure and mechanical behavior of cermets based on (TixTa1-x)(C0.5N0.5) solid solutionsMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2014New approaches to detect the onset of localised necking in sheets under through-thickness strain gradientsMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2014Processing and characterisation of cermet/hardmetal laminates with strong interfacesMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2013Assessment of the effect of the through-thickness strain/stress gradient on the formability of stretch-bend metal sheetsMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2011Optimal design of acoustic material from tire fluffMATERIALS & DESIGN
Artículo2010Prediction of welding residual stresses and displacements by simplified models. Experimental validationMATERIALS & DESIGN