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Artículo2024A Network Analysis Study on the Structure and Gender Invariance of the Satisfaction with Life Scale among Spanish University StudentsHEALTHCARE
Artículo2024Assessing the Hands-on Usability of the Healthy Jeart App Specifically Tailored to Young UsersHEALTHCARE
Artículo2024Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Validation of the Portuguese Version of the Multidimensional Scale of Dating Violence 2.0 in Young University StudentsHEALTHCARE
Artículo2024Effectiveness and health outcomes of collaborative nurse prescribing for patients anticoagulated with antivitamin K in primary care: a study protocolHEALTHCARE
Revisión2024Impact of Physical Activity on Autonomy and Quality of Life in Individuals with Down Syndrome: A Systematic ReviewHEALTHCARE
Revisión2024Lifestyle in emerging adults with type 1 diabetes mellitus: a qualitative systematic reviewHEALTHCARE
Revisión2024Management of skin lesions in patients with epidermolysis bullosa by topical treatment: systematic review and meta-analysisHEALTHCARE
Artículo2024Perceptions, Beliefs, and Experiences about the Menstrual Cycle and Menstruation among Young Women: A Qualitative ApproachHEALTHCARE
Artículo2024Physical Activity in Cerebral Palsy: A Current State StudyHEALTHCARE
Artículo2024Understanding the Impact of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain on Daily Life from a Gender Perspective Using the PAIN_Integral Scale©HEALTHCARE
Artículo2024Validity and reliability of the Portuguese version of the connor-davidson resilience scale of 10 elements for young university studentsHEALTHCARE
Artículo2023“More spiritual health professionals provide different care”: a qualitative study in the field of mental healthHEALTHCARE
Artículo2023Associations between Preoperative Patient Socioeconomic Status and Pain-Related Outcomes with Pain and Function in Patients Undergoing Rotator Cuff RepairsHEALTHCARE
Artículo2023Barriers and Facilitators of Communication in the Medication Reconciliation Process during Hospital Discharge: Primary Healthcare Professionals' PerspectivesHEALTHCARE
Artículo2023Cognitive Disengagement Syndrome and Child Sleep Problems in ADHD, Anxiety and DepressionHEALTHCARE
Artículo2023Comparison of the psychological impact of COVID-19 on self-employed private healthcare workers with respect to employed public healthcare workers: three-wave study during the COVID-19 pandemic in SpainHEALTHCARE
Artículo2023Effect of physiotherapy treatment with immersive virtual reality in subjects with stroke: a protocol for a randomized controlled trialHEALTHCARE
Artículo2023Effectiveness of virtual reality and feedback to improve gait and balance in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathies: systematic review and meta-analysisHEALTHCARE
Artículo2023Effects of Acupressure on Maternal and Neonatal Obstetric Outcomes during Labor: Study ProtocolHEALTHCARE
Artículo2023Epidemiological study of oral health among children and adolescent schoolchildren in Melilla (Spain)HEALTHCARE
Artículo2023Little but Intense: Using a HIIT-Based Strategy to Improve Mood and Cognitive Functioning in College StudentsHEALTHCARE
Artículo2023Mediating effect of motivation on the relationship of fitness with volitional high-intensity exercise in high-school studentsHEALTHCARE
Artículo2023MLuq protocol: a proposal for the immobilization of the white weapon, preservation of DNA traces, and its chain of custodyHEALTHCARE
Artículo2023Oral health status in a group of Roma children in Seville, SpainHEALTHCARE
Artículo2023Romani girls matter: developing a participatory action research protocol for reproductive justice.HEALTHCARE
Artículo2023Significance of post-traumatic growth and mental health for coping in multiple sclerosis caregiversHEALTHCARE
Artículo2023Temporal Evolution and Associated Factors of Adherence to Mammography Screening among Women in Spain: Results from Two National Health Surveys (2017-2020).HEALTHCARE
Artículo2023The barriers to deprescription in older patients: a survey of Spanish clinicians.HEALTHCARE
Artículo2023The perceptions of women with gynecological cancer after radiotherapy treatment: a gender-based qualitative studyHEALTHCARE
Artículo2022A brief mHealth-based psychological intervention in emotion regulation to promote positive subjective well-being in cardiovascular disease patients: A non-randomized controlled trialHEALTHCARE
Artículo2022A cross-sectional study on physical activity and psychological distress in adults with asthmaHEALTHCARE
Artículo2022A cross-sectional study on the associations between physical activity level, depression, and anxiety in smokers and ex-smokersHEALTHCARE
Revisión2022A systematic review on spinal asymmetries in case studies of unilateral nephroptosis from a viscerosomatic point of viewHEALTHCARE
Artículo2022Associations between psychological distress, perceived social support and physical activity level in spanish adults with depressionHEALTHCARE
Revisión2022Changes in the epidemiology of diabetic retinopathy in Spain: a systematic review and meta-analysisHEALTHCARE
Artículo2022Diabetes Management after a Therapeutic Education Program: A Qualitative StudyHEALTHCARE
Artículo2022Effectiveness of dry needling of myofascial trigger points in the triceps surae muscles: systematic reviewHEALTHCARE
Artículo2022Identifying cardiovascular risk profiles clusters among Mediterranean adolescents across seven countriesHEALTHCARE
Artículo2022Immunomodulation of Oxidative Stress during Organ Donation Process: Preliminary ResultsHEALTHCARE
Artículo2022Increased risks of mental disorders: youth with inactive physical activity.HEALTHCARE
Artículo2022Intersexuality/Differences of Sex Development through the Discourse of Intersex People, Their Relatives, and Health Experts: A Descriptive Qualitative StudyHEALTHCARE
Artículo2022Muscle Quality Assessment by Ultrasound Imaging of the Intrinsic Foot Muscles in Individuals with and without Plantar Fasciitis: A Case–Control StudyHEALTHCARE
Artículo2022Physical activity reduces the risk of developing diabetes and diabetes medication useHEALTHCARE
Artículo2022Study of the Psychometric Properties of the Social Self-Efficacy Scale with Spanish Adolescents by Gender, Age and Family Socioeconomic LevelHEALTHCARE
Artículo2022Validation of the Spanish Version of the Questionnaire on Environmental Awareness in Nursing (NEAT)HEALTHCARE
Revisión2021Association between anticholinergic burden and constipation: a systematic reviewHEALTHCARE
Artículo2021Effects of osteopathic T9-T10 vertebral manipulation in tonsillitis: a randomized clinical trial.HEALTHCARE
Revisión2021Effects of prehabilitation on functional capacity in aged patients undergoing cardiothoracic surgeries: a systematic reviewHEALTHCARE
Artículo2021Health problems and the use of medications and traditional therapies among Chinese immigrants living in SpainHEALTHCARE
Artículo2021Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and psychosocial coping strategies in health sciences students at the University of Seville: a pilot studyHEALTHCARE
Artículo2021Implications of lifestyle and occupational factors on the risk of breast cancer in shiftwork nursesHEALTHCARE
Revisión2021Percutaneous versus transcutaneous electrical stimulation of the posterior tibial nerve in idiopathic overactive bladder syndrome with urinary incontinence in adults: a systematic reviewHEALTHCARE
Artículo2021Work engagement in nurses during the covid-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional studyHEALTHCARE
Artículo2020Assessment of the Anxiety Level of Andalusian Podiatrists during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Increase PhaseHEALTHCARE
Artículo2020Influence of dental malocclusion on body posture and foot posture in children: a cross-sectional studyHEALTHCARE
Artículo2020M-mode ultrasound examination of soleus muscle in healthy subjects: intra- and inter-rater reliability studyHEALTHCARE
Artículo2020Nursing students' perception on the effectiveness of emergency competence learning through simulationHEALTHCARE
Revisión2020Prevalence of depression in retirees: a meta-analysisHEALTHCARE
Artículo2020Psycho-Emotional Approach to the Psychological Distress Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Spain: A Cross-Sectional Observational StudyHEALTHCARE
Artículo2020The Physics of Fluid Dynamics Applied to Vascular Ulcers and Its Impact on Nursing CareHEALTHCARE