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Publicaciones en la fuente QUALITY & QUANTITY

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024A network model for multiple selection questions in opinion surveysQUALITY & QUANTITY
Artículo2023Salient features and emotions elicited from a virtual reality experience: the immersive Van Gogh exhibitionQUALITY & QUANTITY
Artículo2023The effect of servant leadership on employee outcomes: does endogeneity matter?QUALITY & QUANTITY
Artículo2021Analysis of the goal-scoring opportunities conceded in football: a study case in the Spanish La LigaQUALITY & QUANTITY
Artículo2020A science mapping analysis of ‘marginality, stigmatization and social cohesion’ in WoS (1963–2019)QUALITY & QUANTITY
Artículo2020Social Media managerial implications for budget accommodation venues: use of Social Media platforms more effectively and efficientlyQUALITY & QUANTITY
Editorial2020Special issue: qualitative and quantitative methods in tourism researchQUALITY & QUANTITY
Artículo2019Family firm’s management composition: the role played by family members’ age in TMT and supervisor levelsQUALITY & QUANTITY
Artículo2017Goodness of fit measures for logistic regression model: an application for students' evaluations of university teachingQUALITY & QUANTITY
Artículo2015Top Management Teams' demographic characteristics and their influence on strategic changeQUALITY & QUANTITY
Artículo2013Corporative social responsibilities perceptions: an aproximation through Spanish university students' valuesQUALITY & QUANTITY
Artículo2013Perceptions of students university of corporate social responsibilityQUALITY & QUANTITY
Artículo2013Teacher well-being and innovation with information and communication technologies; proposal for a structural modelQUALITY & QUANTITY
Artículo2010Polychoric versus Pearson correlations in exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis of ordinal variablesQUALITY & QUANTITY
Artículo2009Factor analysis of the Big Five Questionnaire using polychoric correlations in childrenQUALITY & QUANTITY
Artículo2008Causality as validity: some implications for the social sciencesQUALITY & QUANTITY
Artículo2006Using generalizability theory to assess the validity of the evaluation processQUALITY & QUANTITY
Artículo2001Effects of using mean scores in regression models: An example from environmental psychologyQUALITY & QUANTITY
Artículo2001The influence of graphic techniques in the evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment in time-series designQUALITY & QUANTITY
Artículo1995Uses of qualitative/quantitative terms in social and educational researchQUALITY & QUANTITY