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Artículo2022Enhanced biodegradation of hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) isomers by Sphingobium sp. strain D4 in the presence of root exudates or in co-culture with HCH-mobilizing strainsJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2022Extracellular vesicles as an alternative copper-secretion mechanism in bacteriaJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2022Impact of “chemical cocktails” exposure in shaping mice gut microbiota and the role of selenium supplementation combining metallomics, metabolomics, and metataxonomicsJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2021Empirical ozone isopleths at urban and suburban sites through evolutionary procedure-based modelsJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2021Preparation of sorbents derived from bamboo and bromine flame retardant for elemental mercury removalJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2021Unveiling the catalytic ability of carbonaceous materials in Fenton-like reaction by controlled-release CaO2 nanoparticles for trichloroethylene degradationJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2020Effervescence-assisted spiral hollow-fibre liquid-phase microextraction of trihalomethanes, halonitromethanes, haloacetonitriles, and haloketones in drinking waterJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2020Use of a biostimulant obtained from okara in the bioremediation of a soil polluted by used motor car oilJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2019Geographical origin of bivalve molluscs in coastal areas using natural radioactivity fingerprinting and multivariate statistical analyses: Andalusian coast as case of studyJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2019Impact of the implementation of Lisbon low emission zone on air qualityJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2018In vitro toxicity evaluation of new silane-modified clays and the migration extract from a derived polymer-clay nanocomposite intended to food packaging applicationsJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2017Effect of controlled release formulations of diuron and alachlor herbicides on the biochemical activity of agricultural soilsJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2017Stabilization of fly ash using cementing bacteria. Assessment of cementation and trace element mobilizationJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2016Combustion of a Pb(II)-loaded olive tree pruning used as biosorbentJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2016Genotoxic potential of montmorillonite clay mineral and alteration in the expression of genes involved in toxicity mechanisms in the human hepatoma cell line HepG2JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2015Accelerated degradation of PAHs using edaphic biostimulants obtained from sewage sludge and chicken feathersJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2015Moving closer towards restoration of contaminated estuaries: Bioaugmentation with autochthonous rhizobacteria improves metal rhizoaccumulation in native Spartina maritimaJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2014Behavior of oxyfluorfen in soils amended with different sources of organic matter. Effects on soil biologyJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2014Implications for food safety of the uptake by tomato of 25 trace-elements from a phosphogypsum amended soil from SW SpainJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2014Studying radon exhalation rates variability from phosphogypsum piles in the SW of SpainJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2014The effect of polymer matrices on the thermal hazard properties of RDX-based PBXs by using model-free and combined kinetic analysisJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2012Determination of trace element concentrations and stable lead, uranium and thorium isotope ratios by quadrupole-ICP-MS in NORM and NORM-polluted sample leachatesJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2012Occurrence of pharmaceutical compounds in wastewater and sludge from wastewater treatment plants: Removal and ecotoxicological impact of wastewater discharges and sludge disposalJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2011Accumulation and tolerance characteristics of chromium in a cordgrass Cr-hyperaccumulator, Spartina argentinensisJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2011Novel Bi2WO6-TiO2 heterostructures for Rhodamine B degradation under sunlike irradiationJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2011Physico-chemical and radioactive characterization of TiO2 undissolved mud for its valorizationJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2011Procedure to use phosphogypsum industrial waste for mineral CO2 sequestrationJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2011Stabilization/solidification of a municipal solid waste incineration residue using fly ash-based geopolymersJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2011The biochemical response to different Cr and Cd concentrations in soils amended with organic wastesJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2010"In situ" phytostabilisation of heavy metal polluted soils using Lupinus luteus inoculated with metal resistant plant-growth promoting rhizobacteriaJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2010Accumulation and tolerance characteristics of cadmium in a halophytic Cd-hyperaccumulator, Arthrocnemum macrostachyumJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2010Alkaline cyanide degradation by Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes CECT5344 in a batch reactor. Influence of pHJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2010Effects of the presence of a composted biosolid on the metal immobilizing action of an urban soilJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2010Metal immobilization in hazardous contaminated minesoils after marble slurry waste application. A field assessment at the Tharsis mining district (Spain)JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2010Occurrence, temporal evolution and risk assessment of pharmaceutically active compounds in Doñana Park (Spain)JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2010Presence of pharmaceutically active compounds in Doñana Park (Spain) main watershedsJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2010Radiological, chemical and morphological characterizations of phosphate rock and phosphogypsum from phosphoric acid factories in SW SpainJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2009Coal fly ash-slag-based geopolymers: Microstructure and metal leachingJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2009Cyanide removal from cassava mill wastewater using Azotobactor vinelandii TISTR 1094 with mixed microorganisms in activated sludge treatment systemJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2009Extensive radioactive characterization of a phosphogypsum stack in SW Spain: Ra-226, U-238, (210)po concentrations and Rn-222 exhalation rateJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2009Germanium recovery from gasification fly ash: Evaluation of end-products obtained by precipitation methodsJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2009Heavy metals removal from acid mine drainage water using biogenic hydrogen sulphide and effluent from anaerobic treatment: Effect of pHJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2009Larnite powders and larnite/silica aerogel composites as effective agents for CO2 sequestration by carbonationJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2009Occurrence of pharmaceutically active compounds during 1-year period in wastewaters from four wastewater treatment plants in Seville (Spain)JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2009Photovalorisation of pentafluorobenzoic acid with platinum doped TiO2JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2009Physicochemical characterization of raw materials and co-products from the titanium dioxide industryJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2009Radioactivity contents in dicalcium phosphate and the potential radiological risk to human populationsJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2008Apatite and Portland/apatite composite cements obtained using a hydrothermal method for retaining heavy metalsJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2007Long and short-term performance of a stabilized/solidified electric arc furnace dustJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2001A pilot plant technical assessment of an advanced in-duct desulphurisation processJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo2001Solidification/stabilization of electric arc furnace dust using coal fly ash - Analysis of the stabilization processJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
Artículo1999Corrosive effects from the deposition of gaseous pollutants on surfaces of cultural and artistic value inside museumsJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS