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Publicaciones en la fuente FERROELECTRICS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2016Obtention of Li3xLa2/3-xTiO3 ceramics from amorphous nanopowders by spark plasma sinteringFERROELECTRICS
Artículo2008Influence of deuteration, electric field and uniaxial stress on tricritical phase transition of TGSe: Calorimetric studyFERROELECTRICS
Artículo2006Effect of the electric field on partially deuterated TGSeFERROELECTRICS
Artículo2004Calorimetric investigation on the ferroelectric phase transition in TGSe under electric fieldFERROELECTRICS
Artículo2004Experimental study of the Ca effect in the cubic-tetragonal phase transition of Ca1-xSrxTiO3FERROELECTRICS
Artículo2004Thermal properties of KDP under applied electric fieldFERROELECTRICS
Artículo2003Synthesis and characterization of a salt of sodium with L-malic acid: A new ferroelectric?FERROELECTRICS
Editorial2002Ferroelectrics: Guest EditorialFERROELECTRICS
Editorial2002Ferroelectrics: Guest EditorialFERROELECTRICS
Editorial2002Ferroelectrics: Guest editorialFERROELECTRICS
Artículo2002High resolution Brillouin spectroscopy and determination of elastic properties of ferroelectric and piezoelectric filmsFERROELECTRICS
Ponencia2002High resolution brillouin spectroscopy and determination of elastic properties of ferroelectric and piezoelectric filmsFERROELECTRICS
Artículo2002Influence of electric field in commensurate-incommensurete phase transition of Rb2ZnCl4FERROELECTRICS
Editorial2002Proceedings of The Tenth International Meeting on Ferroelectricity (IMF-10) - Part VI of VII - September 3-7, 2001 Madrid, SpainFERROELECTRICS
Ponencia2002Study of the Ca effect in the cubic-tetragonal phase transition of Ca 1-xSrxTiO3 by specific heat measurementsFERROELECTRICS
Ponencia2002Test of critical behaviour through the order parameter-entropy relation in the normal-incommensurate phase transition of Rb2ZnCl4FERROELECTRICS
Artículo2001Ferroelectric phase transition in DKDP: A macroscopic order-disorder modelFERROELECTRICS
Artículo2000Calorimetric study of the tricritical point of the ferroelastic crystal KMn1-xCaxF3FERROELECTRICS
Artículo2000Simultaneous measurement of thermal and dielectric properties on incommensurate Rb2CoCl4 crystalFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1996Dielectric behaviour of Rb2CoCl4 near incommensurate-commensurate phase transitionFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1996Simultaneous measurement of specific heat and latent heat of ferroelastic crystal under uniaxial stressFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1994Existence of a second glass transition in the mixed alkali cyanidesFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1994Influence of doping with platinum on the specific heat and pyroelectric behaviours of deuterated tgs doped with alanineFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1994Specific heat and pyroelectric coefficient behaviour of (CH3NH3)5BI2Cl11 ferroelectric crystalFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1992Influence of an a. c. electric field on the thermal behaviour of latgs single crystalFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1992Sintering temperature influence on phase stability in barium titanate ceramics with very small grain sizeFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1992Sintering temperature influence on phase-stability in barium-titanate ceramics with very small grain-sizeFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1992Specific heat behaviour of (ch3nh3)5bi2br11 near its ferroelectric transitionFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1992The electrocaloric coefficient of latgs crystalsFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1991Application of the constant rate thermal-analysis technique to the microstructure control of batio3 yielded from coprecipitated oxalateFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1991Pyroelectric coefficient of latgs under a reverse applied field: Comparison with the catastrophe-theory predictionsFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1990Brillouin investigations of the phases and phase transitions in the mixed crystal Na(CN)xCl1−xFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1990Critical-behavior of the thermal-expansion coefficient of latgs single-crystalsFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1990Experimental-study of the coexistence line in latgs crystalsFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1989Influence of a D.C. electric field on the thermal hysteresis behaviour of specific heat and dielectric susceptibility of latgs crystalsFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1989Thermal hysteresis of pyroelectric signal of latgs crystalsFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1988Domain-structure of latgs single-crystalsFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1988Influence of a reverse electric-field on the pyroelectric coefficient of latgs crystalsFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1988Thermal expansion coefficient of latgs single crystalsFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1984Electric field dependence of pyroelectric figure of merit and others thermodynamics parameters in TGSFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1984Pyroelectric coefficient of a-LiIO_3 below room temperatureFERROELECTRICS
Artículo1983Electrocaloric coefficient of tgsFERROELECTRICS
Ponencia1983Pyroelectric coefficient of alpha -liio3 below room temperature.FERROELECTRICS