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Artículo2024Information systems capabilities value creation through circular economy practices in uncertain environments: A conditional mediation modelJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2023Alternative modes of entry in franchisingJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2023Impact of effectual propensity on entrepreneurial intentionJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2023Innovation and performance in social economy enterprises: the mediating effect of legitimacy for customersJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2023Intention to use e-commerce vs physical shopping. Difference between consumers in the post-COVID eraJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2023Multigroup analysis of more than two groups in PLS-SEM: A review, illustration, and recommendationsJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2023The differential effects of potential and realized absorptive capacity on imitation and innovation strategies, and its impact on sustained competitive advantageJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2023The relevance of participation behavior, organizational commitment, and attitudinal loyalty to the management of professional associationsJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2023Women leaders and female same-sex groups: the same 2030 Agenda objectives along different roadsJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2022The consumption of dark narratives: a systematic review and research agendaJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2021‘Digital divide’ among European entrepreneurs: which types benefit most from ICT implementation?JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2021Analysis of the moderating effect of front-of-pack labelling on the relation between brand attitude and purchasing intentionJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2021Entrepreneurial implementation intention as a tool to moderate the stability of entrepreneurial goal intention: a sensemaking approachJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2019A naive Bayes strategy for classifying customer satisfaction: A study based on online reviews of hospitality servicesJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2019A study of the effects of programmatic advertising on users' concerns about privacy overtimeJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2019The role of knowledge spillovers and cultural intelligence in enhancing expatriate employees' individual and team creativityJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2018Facilitator and inhibitor factors: Adopting e-government in a dual modelJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2016A bibliometric analysis of international impact of business incubatorsJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2016Absorptive capacity and value in the banking industry: a multiple mediation modelJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2016An explanatory and predictive model for organizational agilityJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2016Entrepreneurial orientation-hotel performance: Has market orientation anything to say?JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2016Global model of export performance: Moderator role of export department.JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2016How useful are incubators for new entrepreneurs?JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2016Influence of lapse of time when measuring causes and effects in the consumption of online servicesJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2016Prediction-oriented modeling in business research by means of PLS path modeling: Introduction to a JBR special sectionJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2016Prediction-oriented PLS path modeling in microfinance researchJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2016Relational governance mechanisms in export activities: Their determinants and consequencesJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2016Success variables in science and technology parksJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2016Testing the predictive power of PLS through cross-validation in bankingJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2016The antecedents of green innovation performance: A model of learning and capabilitiesJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2016Value co-creation and customer loyaltyJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2015Antecedents and consequences of export entrepreneurshipJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2015Customer participation and citizenship behavior effects on turnover intentionJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2015Linking unlearning with quality of health services through knowledge corridorsJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2015Linking unlearning with service quality through learning processes in the Spanish banking industryJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2015Organizational unlearning, innovation outcomes, and performance: The moderating effect of firm sizeJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2015Strategies for psychosocial risk management in manufacturingJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2014Absorptive capacity, innovation and cultural barriers: A Conditional mediation modelJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2014External environment and the moderating role of export market orientationJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2014Mediation effect of TQM technical factors in excellence management systemsJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2014The future of research on entrepreneurial intentionsJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2014The relationship between satisfaction and loyalty: A mediator analysisJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2013Informational networks and innovation in mature industrial clustersJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2013The use of organizational capabilities to increase customer valueJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2010Technology revenue management system for customer groups in hotelsJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2008Service value revisited: Specifying a higher-order, formative measureJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2007Dynamic capabilities and operational capabilities: A knowledge management perspectiveJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2007Importance values for Importance-Performance Analysis: A formula for spreading out values derived from preference rankingsJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH
Artículo2003Applicant reactions to the employment interview. A look at demographic similarity and social identity theoryJOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH