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Artículo2023A simple procedure for accurately assessing the stoichiometry and structural disorder of TiN ceramics by X-ray diffractometryCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2023Development of highly efficient cost-effective CdS/Ag nanocomposite for removal of azo dyes under UV and solar lightCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2023Fabricating exotic boron carbide ceramics by shaker milling and reactive spark plasma sintering of B and C: Application to the elusive B6CCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2023Growth of hydroxyapatite plate-like nanoparticles by additive free precipitation for the deposition of aligned coatingsCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2023Improved stability of design clay minerals at high temperature: a comparison study with natural onesCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2023Influence of AC fields and electrical conduction mechanisms on the flash-onset temperature: Electronic (BiFeO3) vs. ionic conductors (8YSZ)CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2023Modelling the states of minimum and maximum disorder in B4C ceramics: which one is expected in spark plasma sintered boron carbide?CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2023Quantifying structural disorder in spinels by X-ray diffractometry through constrained–restrained Rietveld refinementsCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2023Quaternary and pentanar mesoporous bioactive glass nanoparticles as novel nanocarriers for gallic acid: Characterisation, drug release and antibacterial activityCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2022Fabrication, microstructure and high-temperature plastic deformation of three-phase Al2O3/Er3Al5O12/ZrO2 sintered ceramicsCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2022Rietveld analysis and mechanical properties of in situ formed La-β-Al2O3/Al2O3 composites prepared by sol-gel methodCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2021CaO–MgO–SiO2–P2O5- based multiphase bio-ceramics fabricated by directional solidification: Microstructure features and in vitro bioactivity studiesCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2021Cation-driven electrical conductivity in Ta-doped orthorhombic zirconia ceramicsCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2021Co-continuous calcium phosphate/polycaprolactone composite bone scaffolds fabricated by digital light processing and polymer melt suctionCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2021Enhancing the electrical conductivity of in-situ reduced graphene oxide-zirconia composites through the control of the processing routineCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2021Novel bioinspired composites fabricated by robocasting for dental applicationsCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2021Pure perovskite BiFeO3–BaTiO3 ceramics prepared by reaction flash sintering of Bi2O3–Fe2O3–BaTiO3 mixed powdersCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2021Using ductile cores for enhancing the mechanical performance of hollow strut β-TCP scaffolds fabricated by digital light processingCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2020Control of experimental conditions in reaction flash-sintering of complex stoichiometry ceramicsCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2020Mechanical characterization of sol-gel alumina-based ceramics with intragranular reinforcement of multiwalled carbon nanotubesCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2020Synthesis and characterisation of nanocrystalline CuO-Fe2O3 /GDC anode powders for solid oxide fuel cellsCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2020Synthesis of all equiatomic five-transition metals High Entropy Carbides of the IVB (Ti, Zr, Hf) and VB (V, Nb, Ta) groups by a low temperature routeCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2019Ceramic dies selection for electrical resistance sintering of metallic materialsCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2019Insight into the BiFeO3 flash sintering process by in-situ energy dispersive X-ray diffraction (ED-XRD)CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2019Low temperature synthesis of an equiatomic (TiZrHfVNb)C5 high entropy carbide by a mechanically-induced carbon diffusion routeCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2019Novel strategy for toughening robocast bioceramic scaffolds using polymeric coresCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2019Synthesis of a cubic Ti(BCN) advanced ceramic by a solid-gas mechanochemical reactionCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2019The influence of mechanical activation process on the microstructure and mechanical properties of bulk Ti2AlN MAX phase obtained by reactive hot pressingCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2018A mechanical, leaching and radiological assessment of fired bricks with a high content of fly ashCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Corrección2018Dense graphene nanoplatelet/yttria tetragonal zirconia composites: Processing, hardness and electrical conductivity (vol 43, pg 11743, 2017)CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2018Effects of additives on the synthesis of TiCxN1-x by a solid-gas mechanically induced self-sustaining reactionCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2018Electrical conduction mechanisms in graphene nanoplatelet/yttria tetragonal zirconia compositesCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2018Grain-boundary diffusion coefficient in alpha-Al2O3 from spark plasma sintering tests: Evidence of collective motion of charge disconnectionsCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2018Microstructural characterization and tribological behavior of Laser Furnace processed ceramic tilesCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2018Some crystallographic considerations on the novel orthorhombic ZrO2 stabilized with Ta dopingCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2018Synthesis and characteristics of nanocrystalline Ni1−xCoxO/GDC powder as a methane reforming catalyst for SOFCsCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2018Synthesis and characterization of SiC/Si3N4 composites from rice husksCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2018The role of carbon nanotubes on the stability of tetragonal zirconia polycrystalsCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2017Dense graphene nanoplatelet/yttria tetragonal zirconia composites: Processing, hardness and electrical conductivityCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2017Effect of acid-treatment and colloidal-processing conditions on the room temperature mechanical and electrical properties of 3YTZP/MWNT ceramic nanocompositesCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2017High-temperature creep of carbon nanofiber-reinforced and graphene oxide-reinforced alumina composites sintered by spark plasma sinteringCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2017Spark plasma sintering of fine-grained alumina ceramics reinforced with alumina whiskersCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2016A new approach to the grain-size dependent transition of stress exponents in yttria tetragonal zirconia polycrystals. The theoretical limit for superplasticity in ceramicsCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2016Active metal brazing of silicon nitride ceramics using a Cu-based alloy and refractory metal interlayersCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2016Electrical properties of reduced 3YTZP ceramics consolidated by spark plasma sinteringCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2016Recycling of construction and demolition waste generated by building infrastructure for the production of glassy materialsCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2016Thermal conductivity of porous biomorphic SiC derived from wood precursorsCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2015Mechanically induced self-propagating reaction of vanadium carbonitrideCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2015Microstructure and impedance spectroscopy of 3YTZP/SWNT ceramic nanocompositesCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2012Characterisation of ternary TixV1-xNy nitride prepared by mechanosynthesisCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2012Densification of additive-free polycrystalline beta-SiC by spark-plasma sinteringCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2012Interfacial characterization of silicon nitride/silicon nitride joints brazed using Cu-base active metal interlayersCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2012Plastic behaviour of 4H-SiC single crystals deformed at temperatures between 800 and 1300 degrees CCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2011Mechanochemical synthesis of Ti1-xZrxB2 and Ti1-xHfxB2 solid solutionsCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2010Clarifying the effect of sintering conditions on the microstructure and mechanical properties of beta-tricalcium phosphateCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2007Determination of the thermal stability and isothermal bulk modulus of the ZrO2 polymorphs at room temperature by molecular dynamics with a semi-empirical quantum-chemical modelCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo2004Joining advanced ceramics by plastic flowCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
Artículo1999Structure-electrical properties relationships in TiO2-doped stabilized tetragonal zirconia ceramicsCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL