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Publicaciones en la fuente COMPLEXITY

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2021A Fault Analysis Method for Three-Phase Induction Motors Based on Spiking Neural P SystemsCOMPLEXITY
Artículo2021Tuning frontiers of efficiency in tissue P systems with evolutional communication rulesCOMPLEXITY
Revisión2020A review of membrane computing models for complex ecosystems and a case study on a complex giant panda systemCOMPLEXITY
Artículo2020From NP-completeness to DP-completeness: a membrane computing perspectiveCOMPLEXITY
Artículo2019Cascading Failures Analysis Considering Extreme Virus Propagation of Cyber-Physical Systems in Smart GridsCOMPLEXITY
Editorial2019Complexity in Forecasting and Predictive ModelsCOMPLEXITY
Editorial2019Complexity of Understanding Consumer Behavior from the Marketing PerspectiveCOMPLEXITY
Artículo2019Looking for Accurate Forecasting of Copper TC/RC Benchmark LevelsCOMPLEXITY
Artículo2018Complexity in the Acceptance of Sustainable Search Engines on the Internet: An Analysis of Unobserved Heterogeneity with FIMIX-PLSCOMPLEXITY
Artículo2018Demand Sharing Inaccuracies in Supply Chains: A Simulation StudyCOMPLEXITY
Editorial2018Evolving Trends in Supply Chain Management: Complexity, New Technologies, and Innovative Methodological ApproachesCOMPLEXITY
Artículo2018Mathematical Formulation and Comparison of Solution Approaches for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Access Time WindowsCOMPLEXITY
Artículo2018The Computational Complexity of Tissue P Systems with Evolutional Symport/Antiport RulesCOMPLEXITY
Artículo2017A Computable Measure of Algorithmic Probability by Finite Approximations with an Application to Integer SequencesCOMPLEXITY
Artículo2016Membrane fission: A computational complexity perspectiveCOMPLEXITY
Artículo2015Evolving a predator-prey ecosystem of mathematical expressions with grammatical evolutionCOMPLEXITY