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Publicaciones en la fuente ACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024Synthesis and Characterization of Multilayered CrAlN/Al2O3 Tandem Coating Using HiPIMS for Solar Selective Applications at High TemperatureACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS
Artículo2023Cobalt Stabilization through Mesopore Confinement on TiO2 Support for Fischer-Tropsch ReactionACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS
Artículo2022Carbon-Yarn-Based Supercapacitors with In Situ Regenerated Cellulose Hydrogel for Sustainable Wearable ElectronicsACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS
Artículo2022Defect passivation by pyridine-carbazole molecules for efficient and stable Perovskite solar cellsACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS
Artículo2021Plasma-assisted catalysis of ammonia using tungsten at low pressures: a parametric studyACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS
Artículo2020Photocatalytic Overall Water Splitting Activity of Templateless Structured Graphitic Nanoparticles Obtained from CyclodextrinsACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS
Artículo2020Quantifying the Dependence of Battery Rate Performance on Electrode ThicknessACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS
Artículo2020Quantifying the Effect of Electronic Conductivity on the Rate Performance of Nanocomposite Battery ElectrodesACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS
Artículo2020Understanding the Origin of Ultrasharp Sub-bandgap Luminescence from Zero-Dimensional Inorganic Perovskite Cs4PbBr6ACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS
Artículo2019Interstitial Oxide Ion Migration Mechanism in Aluminate Melilite La1+xCa1-xAl3O7+0.5x Ceramics Synthesized by Glass CrystallizationACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS