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Publicaciones en la fuente CURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023A pre-pandemic data envelopment analysis of the sustainability efficiency of tourism in EU-27 countriesCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2023Building customer citizenship behaviour through mobile application quality: the mediating role of flow experience and customer engagementCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2022Airbnb, sun-and-beach tourism and residential rental prices. The case of the coast of Andalusia (Spain)CURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2022Comparative analysis of short-term rental homes and traditional accommodation in Andalusian tourist cities: intensity, density, and potential expansion areasCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2022Do tourist companies support a greater direct tax burden? The case of SpainCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2022The relevance of motivation, authenticity and destination image to explain future behavioural intention in a UNESCO World Heritage SiteCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2021Leading disciplines in tourism and hospitality research: a bibliometric analysis in SpainCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2021Measuring the role of Blue Flags in attracting sustainable 'sun-and-sand' tourismCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2021Tourism and electricity consumption in 9 European countries: a decomposition analysis approachCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2021Transforming local knowledge into lifestyle entrepreneur’s innovativeness: exploring the linear and quadratic relationshipsCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2020An assessment of road traffic accidents in Spain: the role of tourismCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2020Scientific production on revenue management in tourism on Web of Science and SCOPUSCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2020The direct and indirect influence of experience quality on satisfaction: the importance of emotionsCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2020The mediating role of experience quality on authenticity and satisfaction in the context of cultural-heritage tourismCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2020Tourism intermediaries and innovation in the hotel industryCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2019Dynamic panel data models in tourismCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2017A bibliometric analysis of the presence of finances in high-impact tourism journalsCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2017Shopping value, tourist satisfaction and positive word of mouth: the mediating role of souvenir shopping satisfactionCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2016Film-induced tourist motivations. The case of Seville (Spain)CURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2016Social network analysis in tourismCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2016Tourist satisfaction and the souvenir shopping of domestic tourists: extended weekends in SpainCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2015Tourism managers' view of the economic impact of cruise traffic: the case of southern SpainCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2014Holistic competence approach in tourism higher education: an exploratory study in SpainCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2014Segmenting hotel clients by pricing variables and value for moneyCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM
Artículo2012Environmental orientation in tourism: the RTEO scaleCURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM