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Artículo2024A territorial strategy for the activation of tourism in low population density heritage landscapesLand
Artículo2023Heritage designation and urban territorial balance in Andalusia (Spain): an approach towards collaborative methods in rural areasLand
Artículo2023Memory and identity: citizen perception in the processes of heritage enhancement and regeneration in obsolete neighborhoods - The case of Polígono de San Pablo, SevilleLand
Artículo2023The Expression of Illegal Urbanism in the Urban Morphology and Landscape: The Case of the Metropolitan Area of Seville (Spain)Land
Artículo2023The historic urban landscape approach and the governance of world heritage in urban contexts: reflections from three European citiesLand
Artículo2023The Olive Grove Landscape as a Tourist Resource in Andalucía: OleotourismLand
Artículo2022Connections between Water, Energy and Landscape: The Social Acceptance in the Monachil River Valley (South of Spain)Land
Artículo2022Design and Application of a Citizen Participation Tool to Improve Public Management of Drought SituationsLand
Artículo2022Ecosystem services provided by pastoral husbandry: a bibliometric analysisLand
Artículo2022Effects of Population Declines on Habitat Segregation and Activity Patterns of Rabbits and Hares in Doñana National Park, SpainLand
Artículo2022GIAHS as an instrument to articulate the landscape and territorialized agrifood systems-The example of La Axarquia (Malaga province, Spain)Land
Artículo2022Nature-based solutions to hydro-climatic risks: barriers and triggers for their implementation in Seville (Spain)Land
Artículo2022North–South Dialogue on Territorial Policies and Discourses: Insights for the Future of Nature ConservationLand
Editorial2022Seeking sustainable solutions in a time of changeLand
Artículo2022The Definition of the Heritage Status of Modern Residential Architecture from a Multi-Scalar and Perceptual Approach. A Heritage Perspective in the Case Study of the Neighbourhood of El Plantinar in Seville (Spain)Land
Revisión2021Measuring overtourism: a necessary tool for landscape planningLand
Artículo2020Local Perceptions of Ecosystem Services Across Multiple Ecosystem Types in SpainLand
Artículo2020Transformations in the Agricultural and Scenic Landscapes in the Northwest of the Region of Murcia (Spain): Moving towards Long Awaited (Un)SustainabilityLand