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Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024BIGOWL4DQ: Ontology-driven approach for Big Data quality meta-modelling, selection and reasoningINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2022A Delphi Study to Recognize and Assess Systems of Systems VulnerabilitiesINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2022Approaches to manage the user experience process in agile software development: A systematic literature reviewINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2022Combining multiple granularity variability in a software product line approach for web engineeringINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2020Empirical software product line engineering: A systematic literature reviewINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2020Energy efficient adaptation engines for android applicationsINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2018Performance metamorphic testing: A Proof of conceptINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2018Performance mutation testing: hypothesis and open questionsINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2018Spectrum-based fault localization in software product linesINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2018Variability models for generating efficient configurations of functional quality attributesINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2016A metamodel to integrate business processes time perspective in BPMN 2.0INFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2016Agile, Web Engineering and Capability Maturity Model Integration: A systematic literature review.INFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2016Hybrid business process modeling for the optimization of outcome dataINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2015Are Forward Designed or Reverse-Engineered UML diagrams more helpful for code maintenance?: A family of experimentsINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2015Automating correctness verification of artifact-centric business process modelsINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2015Estimating, planning and managing Agile Web development projects under a value-based perspectiveINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2015Generating optimized configurable business process models in scenarios subject to uncertaintyINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2015Supporting distributed product configuration by integrating heterogeneous variability modeling approachesINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2015Using simulation to aid decision making in managing the usability evaluation processINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Editorial2014Editorial for the special section on Software Product Line Engineering: Selected papers from Software Product Line conference in 2012INFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Revisión2014Software process modeling languages: A systematic literature reviewINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Ponencia2013A process for managing interaction between experimenters to get useful similar replicationsINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2013A study of subgroup discovery approaches for defect predictionINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2013How influential has academic and industrial research been in current software life cycles? A retrospective analysis of four mainstream activitiesINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2013Model-driven performance analysis of rule-based domain specific visual modelsINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2013Towards the automatic and optimal selection of risk treatments for business processes using a constraint programming approachINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2012Quality evaluation for Model-Driven Web Engineering methodologiesINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2011Automated metamorphic testing on the analyses of feature modelsINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2011Mutation testing on an object-oriented framework: An experience reportINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2010Analysis of virtual communities supporting OSS projects using social network analysisINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2009Model-Based Development of firewall rule sets: Diagnosing model inconsistenciesINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2001An evolutionary approach to estimating software development projectsINFORMATION AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY